19 vital Equipments, Tools and Gadgets you need for New House

Moving into a new house can be exciting for anyone. Indeed, you feel like going shopping immediately to get everything you see. Yet, there are some vital equipment, tools, and gadgets your new house needs. These essential items are the first things you should be getting. To help you get settled into your new home, here is a list of the essential things you need for a new house, from your bathroom to the master bedroom. Let’s get to it.

1. Security System

Besides fire safety, general security is the most crucial point of focus in every house. There are various home security systems to keep prying eyes and hands away from your property. These security systems come with security cameras and alarm systems to warn you or prevent forceful entering.

2. Wi-Fi

Virtually every device is powered by the internet today. WiFi is essential to keep the house running and the appliances working at their best. From TV sets to home security systems, your home WiFi keeps your house functioning to the maximum.

3. Fire Extinguisher

Fire hazards are not always predictable. Having a fire extinguisher can help you prepare for all kinds of fire outbreaks at home. Keep the extinguisher in a common area where anyone can reach in case of a fire.

4. Fire Alarm

Fire outbreaks can occur at any time, especially when you least expect them. More than a staggering 92 percent of deaths caused by fire are home fires. Fire alarm systems let you know when there are fire-related hazards or emergencies in your house. Some fire alarm systems come with voice alerts and safety path light settings to help you locate the exit in the dark.

5. Extension Cords

Extension cords are essential for charging or powering your electronic devices. Make sure to get multiple extension cords for the major wall outlets in the house. If the power socket is far from your desk, chair, or bed, get a 100 foot extension cord for easy access.

6. Smoke Detectors

Similar to fire alarm systems, smoke detectors can help prevent fire hazards. While fire alarm systems detect fire and smoke, smoke detectors are specially designed to sense common poisonous gases in homes, including carbon monoxide, radon, and formaldehyde gas.

7. Smart Door Lock

If you’ve never tried using a smart door lock, here is your chance. Smart door locks mostly come with a siren, built-in front cameras, and other anti-theft features. These features ensure that only those you grant access to can come into your house. Smart door locks also enable you to secure the house remotely.

8. First Aid Box

Accidents happen, and we never know when, where, or how they will happen. Sometimes an injured person needs immediate medical assistance before they get to the hospital. A first aid kit is a must-have. It must be equipped with bandages, sterile gauze and eye dressings, and an updated first-aid kit manual.

9. Trash Cans

You may need a garbage can the first day you move into your new house. A trash can holds the rubbish and leftovers that will stink up the place if they were left inside. Although they may seem less valuable than most things on the list, they are essential.

10. Light Bulbs

Regardless of when you intend to move in, fix your light bulbs first. To find your way around a new house, install light bulbs of various sizes and shapes everywhere.

11. Home plus Garage Tools

Although you call a technician to help you fix things around the house, there are times when you don’t necessarily need that much help. However, you need tools even for the least significant repairs around the house. Get a toolkit you can use whenever you need one.

12. Microwave

While there are many things you need in your kitchen, including utensils, a microwave is one of the kitchen essentials for a new house. Even when you are too tired to cook or don’t have the time, all you need to do is heat your food within a few minutes, and you’re good to go.

13. Streaming Services

It is not enough to own TV sets; you also need to have something to watch on them. Streaming services provide unlimited entertainment, including movies, series, and documentaries, at an affordable subscription fee. Get your Netflix subscription going and stay entertained.

14. Mirrors

People can be quick to play down the significance of a mirror in the house. The Introduction of smart mirrors is essential to monitor your health. Other traditional mirrors, including bathroom and standing mirrors, help you keep up with your appearance.

15. TV

A house is never truly complete without a TV set. It almost feels like something is missing, and it is indeed strange for a house not to have a TV. Besides entertaining yourself and your family, TV can also make your house guests feel welcome.

16. Towel Hooks

You never know how essential a towel hook is until you find out your new house doesn’t have one. Have your towel hooks fitted immediately when you move into your new house.

17. Toilet Paper

Another essential thing you need in a bathroom is toilet paper. You never know when you’ll run out of it. Get as many as you can and buy some bathing soaps too.

18. Vacuum Cleaner

One thing you need to stay healthy and keep germs away is a vacuum cleaner. It can be easy to leave this handy equipment out of the list, yet it holds much significance. Whether you are a single adult or a parent with kids, you will always have reasons to vacuum your new house.

19. Flashlights

Flashlights usually go under the radar. Thanks to modern technology, the world needs them less. There are unique cases where flashlights come in handy. For instance, natural disasters or extreme weather conditions can result in a power outage. Flashlights become helpful in these periods. While you get flashlights, shop for some batteries as well.


Moving into a new house can be refreshing. When deciding what to buy, start by getting the essential things every house needs to function. These essential items contribute to the house’s health, safety, and comfort, from gadgets to alarm systems. Choose wisely.