Selecting The Right Dumpster – Dumpster Rental for Home Renovations

Renovating your home is surprisingly good fun, and scarily addictive, but what isn’t so much fun is trying to dispose of the debris that is created – and there is usually an incredible amount of it! Certainly, more than will fit in your average car trunk.

Thankfully, just as you can get your lumber and gypsum delivered,
so you can get your trash removed. If you are wanting to be environmentally conscious and have as much recycled as you can, that can be sorted for you too.

What you are looking for is to hire a dumpster, delivered to your door, and then taken away – and there are a few options for how you can best do this.

My House is Done, but my yard is a Mess

If you’ve been piling up your rubbish as you’ve been remodeling, you probably have quite the load ready to be disposed of. You can fit up to 10 tons of waste into a dumpster, so if you have more than this you should talk to a company like Selective Hauling Dumpsters, as they may be able to get you sorted with a quick turnaround replacement as you fill one container up, or even put more than one down on your section.

You can even get same day service and a crew to load up the roll-off if you need it. Whether your construction rubbish is in the property, piled up neatly, or scattered around the yard, as long as you can give the dumpster rental company the go-ahead to clear-up they will, with great efficiency.

It’s Taking me Ages to get this project Done

Sometimes it is easier to clean up as you go, particularly if you are limited on space and are ripping out walls before you start to rebuild. In this instance you are likely to be better off if you hire an open dumpster for a period of time. You will find that companies will use the term roll-off container and dumpster quite interchangeably

Generally, you will have an initial set period that the hire company would like to leave the container sitting on your yard, and if you want to go beyond that you simply tell them how long you estimate and pay the extra.

The only potential problem with having a dumpster container sitting around for any period of time is that you may require permits – particularly if the roll-off is going to be sitting on the road or in any way obstructing access for the period. Not all area’s require permits, and sometimes there will be limits on size or usage before you are required to get council authorization, but your hire company will usually be able to advise you what you need to know and if how to go about getting official clearance if needed.

What Size do I Need?

Because most dumpsters have an open top, it can make it very easy to fill them up. However, your driver still needs to be able to get a cover over the top in order to be legally able to drive them away. So, although you will generally have a weight limit of no more than 10 tons, the actual weight will depend on what it is you are going to be loading into the container.

You will usually be looking at either a 20 yard or 30 yard option, but when you call to book, talk to the experts about which one is going to better suit you. If you have a lot of heavy material such as concrete, or wet clay, then you may be better off getting the smaller option, as you will still have a weight limit.

I Think this might have Asbestos in this

If you are working with hazardous material, you will need to let your hire company know. Few are able to dispose of hazardous materials or chemicals in their normal manner. If you have a mix of hazardous and nonhazardous material, for example asbestos based linoleum and standard gibrock sheets, you may need to utilize separate containers. Attempting to just add hazardous materials into the dumpster without notification can have far reaching consequences (see this on health risks).

Your hire company should be able to offer a suggestion as to who you can speak to in order to arrange the removal of hazardous materials.