Changes to adopt in Hiring and Job Search during COVID-19

The moment you lose your job, you are not able to decide what to do next. The situation is very troublesome since something unexpected has suddenly emerged. When there is already too much to handle, job loss during the times of this pandemic comes with increased anxiety. You may find yourself helpless and, in a dilemma, when you are not able to decide how you should react. Job Search during COVID-19 should be done in such a way so that you can easily get what you are looking for.

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To assist you to navigate through the process of Job Search during COVID-19 we have researched a few tips that are sure to work. These tricks are already tried and tested by several people. These times are unprecedented for everyone and remember you are not responsible for anything that is happening. Companies are hiring candidates during such times too. Though there is a change in the hiring process. So, what if you are shoved out of one job, another one is waiting right there for you.

All it requires is intense research so that you find what you are looking for. If you are patient, creative and flexible, you are surely going to succeed. Stay motivated, and don’t get disheartened while searching for a job for yourself.

Tips to navigate through the process of searching for a job

Here are a few useful tips that help you navigate through while searching for a job during COVID-19. With the help of these tips, you will surely get to hear the good news of bagging a new job.

Validating feelings

Every person has feelings. It is absolutely okay to feel what you are feeling at the moment. It is okay even if you want to stay alone for 2-3 days. Processing through this situation is difficult initially, and it may take some time. Allow yourself the required amount of time, and let yourself adjust to changing things.

You may have mixed feelings sometimes such as feeling angry, relieved, scared, overwhelmed, or just any other feeling. Moving to a new opportunity makes you feel a lot of emotions all at once. You will have numerous thoughts running through your mind, and all of them are valid. Acknowledging the feelings upfront will help to decrease an irresistible sense of haste. You can consider sharing your feelings with a person who is close to you. Spend some quiet time, and recognize the news of losing your job.

Know your skills

If you have experience with handling projects, then you can also spend some time to upgrade your skills. After doing so, continue with your job search, and this time you will surely bag a tremendous opportunity. Need for project talents is growing considerably, and industries are looking for project managers.

Consider opting for a course through which your ability of managing projects is recognized. A Project Management Professional (PMP) is one such example of an overpowering course. Upgrade your skills to get recognition in the industry.

If not project management, you can choose to opt for some other certificate course that will enhance your knowledge. One of such certifications includes Prince 2 which is currently trending in the market.

Comfortable with Technology is Crucial

Pandemic is a live example of how everything can work absolutely fine virtually. Since you are also conducting your job search in a digital format, you should be comfortable with technicalities. People are staying at home, and maintaining social distancing. During these times, it is the technology that is keeping us all connected.

Ensure that you are completely comfortable with almost all popular platforms that people are using nowadays to communicate. Keep all your social media profiles updated when you are actively looking for a job. Formal accounts are a must that includes Google and its applications, Skype, Linkedin, etc. Nail the video interview too.

Update your Resume

Wanting to update your resume is really tough. But it is the foremost thing that you should pay attention to. It is the first thing that can entice a hiring manager, recruiter, or any other concerned person involved in recruitment. Polish your resume to its best version.

Refine your CV by including all skills that you have. Quantify them as much as possible. There is no limit to learning things and exhibit that you are extraordinary. Soft Skills, Technicalities, experience, etc are a few bonus points that add up to your resume. If you have a certification for soft skill, include it as well. Companies are nowadays preferring candidates with such skills.

Set Goals

This task seems daunting initially. You may feel completely lost, and may not be capable of deciding on a few things. Where should you start, what should you do, and so on. You need to first specify the goals that you want to achieve. Then consider developing a plan of action to achieve them.

You should consider noting down two immediate actions every day, and three ongoing objectives. All of this should ultimately help you in your Job Search during COVID-19. For instance, immediate actions include updating your resume, identifying fresh references, etc. Ongoing goals include reviewing a few job boards daily, etc.

By the time you sort out a few things, consider grabbing two to three certifications so that you have the latest skills. IT certification is one of the most in-demand certifications that will prove to be a lot valuable in your Job Search during COVID-19. An IT professional will know the best practices and solutions in any management situation of any IT service.

If you are not interested in any course related to the IT industry, or you are not an IT person, then choose for a Six Sigma certification. It is referred to as a set of tools and techniques of process management. This course is nowadays trending in the market and has helped a lot of professionals secure promising roles.

This moment in time will surely pass, you will have to get ready for the new normal. At the moment, this is all that will help you feel satisfied.