Tips to Care your Transmission – Auto vs Manual Cars

When you go out to buy a car, you will definitely have a question regarding the transmission. Which one to choose, Automatic or Manual?. One should have a clear idea about it before going out. Always choose the right one based on your uses, preference, and habits. Both of these transmissions have got their own advantages and disadvantages. Take few moments to familiarise these two transmissions.

Automatic Transmissions

Automatic transmission cars are easy to drive. You don’t need to monitor engine rpm or proper gear selection as in the case of a manual car. It takes significantly less time to learn and less confusion to occur in case of emergency. If you are a less experienced driver and looking for a safe and hassle-free driving in heavy traffic area then it is always better to opt automatic cars. It enables you to operate efficiently no matter how the roads are. Automatic cars have higher resale value these days and it can fetch many buyers much easily.

Manual transmission

If you want to experience and enjoy a better sensation of driving then go for manual transmission cars. Manual transmission cars are less expensive than automatic cars. The cost of repair and regular maintenance charges are comparatively low for manual cars. These cars use less fuel and give more mileage than the automatic cars. Manual transmission improves the acceleration of the car which is more fun and these cars can work thousands of kilometer without any problem and are easier to service.

You can keep your car’s automatic transmission healthy with these 5 simple tips:

Periodic fluid level check – You can simply check transmission oil by dipping a stick then pulling it out, to get an accurate reading. If the fluid level is low, you may have a leak. The fluid should be of bright red colour, clear, and smell good. If it’s murky, dark coloured, and unpleasant smell it’s better to take it to a transmission mechanic. Generally, it is recommended to change the fluid every 2400 Kms.

Timely maintenance – If you have a regular maintenance schedule with the service centers, then any leaks or any other abnormalities that cause major health issues to your car can be fixed.

Stop completely before shifting gears – Don’t change your car’s gear while it is moving. It simply puts a strain on your transmission. You can avoid this by bringing your car to a complete stop before shifting gear which helps you to prevent unnecessary wear and tear.

Shifting to neutral unnecessarily – Many people switch to neutral while they are in red light with an intention to save fuel. But if you encounter a short red light or a bumper to bumper traffic, it is better not to shift neutral. Unnecessary shifting of gears will give more load to the transmission and create problems. Sometimes shifting of gears can happen by mistake when your car is in idle position, with the help of a gear lock you can overcome this.

Warm up the engine before start your ride – It is always better to give some time to warm up your engine before shifting gears. If the weather is cold then the fuel will take more time to run into the transmission and to other major parts. So a cold start without proper time to warm up can cause damage not only to the transmission but also to other internal parts.

Keep your car’s manual transmission healthy with these 5 simple tips:

Check fluid regularly – The most effective way to care your car is by checking the transmission fluid. This allows you to identify any potential issues, fluid leak or absence of fluid based on the fluid level.

Care your clutch – Use the clutch with utmost care. It may be tempting to engage the clutch for a long but don’t. Unnecessary use of clutch can damage your clutch plate more quickly. Always make sure to press the clutch when it is necessary.

Avoid engine braking – If you want to extend the lifespan of your car then try to avoid engine braking whenever possible. It puts unnecessary strain on the transmission gear. Use brake pedal always when you need to slow down or stop your vehicle.

Scheduled servicing – Schedule a routine check with the transmission specialist. When your car makes some unusual sound or strange smell make sure you address it quickly to the service center. So that you can make sure that the clutch and gears are in smooth condition.

Cool down your transmission – Always make sure that the transmission fluid pumping through the gearbox is cooled. And also check, engine cooling systems are in a good working condition in order to reduce the serious problems that can occur.

Basically, Driving an automatic car is much easier and more comfortable, while manual transmission cars are less expensive and more involved. Both the transmission has its own merits and demerits. The only way to make the right choice is to test drive and feel the difference, compare it with your preference and habits. In the end, the choice is entirely yours!