Some Guidelines on effective Ford Mustang Car Storage

The Ford Mustang is a truly legendary vehicle. It was the first-ever pony car and helped define a new type of power and performance. Throughout every generation of this car, people have loved their mustangs. Whether you have a 1965, a 2020 or anything in between, if you need to store it, you want to make sure you do it right. These are some guidelines on effective car storage.

Decide Where to Store

We all have practical constraints about where to store our vehicles. If you have garage space or a storage area that you can put the vehicle, it is likely worth putting it inside. This is especially true if you have a valuable, collector’s version of the car.

If you need to store it outside, do what you can to protect it. Perhaps you can set up a carport to cover the top of the car. You will definitely want to put the best outdoor car cover on your vehicle to protect it also. There is more on covering your vehicle below.

Clean your Car

Before you store your vehicle, give it a good cleaning. Dirt and dust on the paint can cause significant damage over time. If you are planning to keep your Ford Mustang in storage for weeks, months or even years, you will want to get it as spotless as possible first. Consider also giving it a good waxing to offer even more protection.

You can do this at a car wash, but nothing beats cleaning it yourself. That is the best way to ensure quality. Don’t forget to clean inside also.

Protect your Car

Once you are ready to store the vehicle, make sure you protect it properly. If you are storing it indoors, consider purchasing a car capsule to encase the Mustang. This is like a portable version of a climate-controlled garage. It is a highly effective way to ensure that the air around your vehicle is clean and circulating.

If you are putting the vehicle outside, make sure you have a good, waterproof cover. It should also be breathable. Some lower-quality covers tend to trap moisture and contaminants against the paint. This can damage your vehicle’s exterior and even cause frame rot. Also, consider a custom-fit cover. These will fit more snuggly around the vehicle and provide better protection.

Check Periodically

Don’t just store your vehicle and leave it. If possible, check back in periodically. Even if you can’t do this, take a look a day or two after you store it. Checking back will give you a chance to look for any issues that may have cropped up or that you may have missed previously.

Get the Right Gear

When you want to store your Ford Mustang, you need the right cleaning and protective products. Whether you are looking for custom dash covers or automotive wax, make sure you order everything in advance. There is nothing worse than cleaning your vehicle thoroughly then realizing you forgot something. A little preparation can help you to ensure that your Mustang storage project goes smoothly.