How to lose Weight fast with no side effects? – Tips for Housewives

Similar to career women, housewives should also take care of their appearance. Being a housewife is not an easy job; there are lots of things to take care of. Many housewives can hardly find time for themselves due to the unfixed packed schedule. The main reason for housewives to easily gain weight is most of them develop bad eating habit as they tend to eat leftover foods. They do not want to waste the food but end up adding more calories to their body. However, despite the bad eating habit, here are some tips about how to lose weight fast naturally for housewives.

Stop drinking soda

Whether it is regular coke, diet coke, or zero coke, make sure to reduce or stop drinking it at all. A can of soda has approximately 200 calories with zero nutrients. You can easily say it is high in calories for nothing. Even though you can spend months before completely cut down the soda, but it is okay since it is not an easy habit to change. If you need the caffeine intake you can substitute the soda with a cup of tea.

Eat smartly

Lose weight fast has the every relation with smart eating since what you eat will make you either gain or lose weight. Smart eating can promote weight losing even without you realize. The first tips for smart eating are always choosing fresh food rather than packaged or manufactured food. Processed or manufactured food contains a high amount of salts and preservatives. Choose anything of your food, be it fruits, vegetables, meats, fish, and so on in fresh. If you like to drink your fruit, try to eat your fruit. Even though packaged fruit juice is likely seems healthy but actually it is high in calories.

Compare to the juice version, eating fruits contains fiber in high amount as well as nutritious. You can eat fruits as the substitute to snacks or chips around the time when you are craving for snacking. Second, do not skip breakfast; once you skip breakfast the metabolism will decrease and you will likely to eat more food for next meal. Skipping breakfast also increases the temptation for snacking. Third, always eat slowly and chew the food well for at around 20 minutes. The brain needs those 20 minutes to receive the signal when the stomach is full. You can set the alarm when eating and enjoy your food until the alarm ring. The last, when eating your dessert or other high calories food, always share with your friends and family to prevent you from overeating.

Cut down alcohol

I know it already seems hard to even cut down alcohol, but, hey you can do it gradually. Firstly, limit your alcohol, any kinds of alcohol and liquor; if you usually drink wine in daily, you can reduce into once or twice a week only. You should not drink more than two glasses let alone get drunk. Alcohol contains a high amount of calories that your body does not need. Moreover, when you drink alcohol; you always want to have side snack which can make you gain more weight.

Do housework

Many housewives do not even have time to go to the gym for exercise; however, that is not a big deal since you can substitute the gym time with doing household core. Make the house cleaning as somewhat a gym time. Sweeping and mopping the floor as well as polishing the furniture will be good exercise. Moreover, you can always run up and downstairs to get things and this will burn more calories. In addition, you can get more creative in the kitchen for example chopping, stirring, peeling and whisking rather than only heating the food in the microwave. For a harder job in the kitchen, you can make your own bread as kneading the dough in not an easy job to do.

Mini workouts

You can buy inexpensive exercise equipment such as resistance band, barbell, or stationery bike; therefore you can exercise at home and burn those calories. Moreover, you can borrow or buy aerobics DVD and perform it at home with your friends of children. Small activity such as walking while talking on the phone rather than sitting will also help burn calories. You can also stretching or even doing yoga at home.

Enough sleep

Most adults need at least eight hours of night sleep; however, the tight schedule often forces many of us to have a lack of sleep. Some of us even have to struggle to get sleep. Studies show that lack of sleep leads to weight gaining. Moreover, lack of sleeping also ruins the mood and makes the body tired in the afternoon. The same thing does not apply for napping; take a nap after lunch promotes weight gaining. Adults only need enough night time. Once you have your regular sleeping schedule, you will be able to control your weight.

Smart shopping

To develop smart eating, you can start with smart shopping. Before go for shopping, make shopping list first and always stick to the list. If you are shopping without shopping list; you will tend to add more items that you do not need. Moreover, if you make the shopping list you can carefully consider the low calories, fresh and healthy food.

Being a housewife does not mean not to have attractive appearance; you can have the killer body while keeping the house neat and look for the children. The above tips we shared about how to lose weight fast will help you to back your shape again. Stay slim to look more attractive.