Guide on How you Can redeem Rewards on your RBL Credit Card?

Spending with credit cards issued by RBL bank has its array of advantages. The bank is generous in terms of giving rewards to its customers. The best part of rbl rewards is the fact that you can redeem them for a host of reasons. For those fond of traveling, there are flight tights, and hotel stays where you can redeem the points. They can also be used to buy vouchers for most popular brands and outlets. If you are someone who would rather spend the reward points on utilities, you can always use them for recharge of your mobile phone. RBL bank allows you to add a personal touch to the points redeemed by enabling you to make the most of its range of customizable gifts. Here is a detailed guide on how you can redeem the rewards earned on your RBL credit card.

To begin with, you must start by logging on to with your bank credentials. There you will have multiple options (that are discussed below), and you can make a pick based on your preference. Once you are done with that, you may choose how many points to redeem in that transaction. You don’t need to use up all your points in a single redemption. Similarly, if you find that the credit points that you have are not enough to pay in full for the item you have chosen, you can pay the balance through your credit card. Once you are at the payment gateway and you have chosen to redeem your points, you will be sent an OTP on the mobile number that is registered with the bank. Go ahead and enter the OTP on the page to complete the transaction. This OTP is a security measure adopted by RBL Bank to keep a check on cases of misuse and fraud.

Flight tickets and Hotel Bookings

If you want to redeem your credit card points in this form, select the ‘Travel’ option in the RBL rewards page. The best thing about using this feature is the fact that you will be able to choose the seat, add a special request (like meals, etc.) while booking tickets from here. Similarly, you will be able to select the room when making hotel reservations. Thus, although you will be redeeming your reward points, you will still have the freedom of choice in deciding how you travel.

Mobile Recharge

For those who do not like to indulge in any form of extravagance, RBL bank offers the option of redeeming credit card points to pay your phone bills. Once you log in to the RBL rewards page, you will find that most major telephone operators of the country are listed there. You can then enter your phone number, choose the amount you want to recharge for and proceed with the redemption.

Personalized Gifts

RBL Bank has taken the monotonous nature out of redeeming credit card points by giving users the option of choosing from their hand-picked collection. Once you select a product from this collection, you will have to specify what type of customization you would want on it. This may be anything between wood carving a name to having photographs included in its design.

Shopping and Dining Vouchers

If you are someone who spends on lifestyle, then you have an excellent reason to use RBL bank’s range of credit cards. On visiting the rewards page, you will find that you can redeem your points to get vouchers of practically any major apparel brand that you can think of. For food, dining, and clubbing, there is a whole new range of vouchers for you to choose from.

Exclusive reward collection for Insignia Cardmembers

The Insignia Credit Card is one of the top-class credit cards offered by RBL Bank and the rewards offered on this is true to its name. Customers are given the privilege to explore luxurious collections from premium partners. Some of the names in this range would include that of Bottega Vaneta, Paul Smith, Emporio Armani, and Jimmy Choo among others. RBL Bank is one of the very few to be offering its customers access to such timeless designer collection when redeeming points.

Irrespective of the item in question, if it is any physical commodity (and not an e-voucher), RBL Bank takes the initiative of delivering it to you at your doorstep. Also, you will not be charged any extra penny for this. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and experience the world of convenient credit card points redemption with RBL Bank’s range of credit cards.