Common Hearing Aids for Self help of Elder People

Hearing loss in elderly people is a common disability and is the second chronic problem that is affecting the physical health of elders. This hearing loss also makes hard to understand, follow the speech and also to respond to speech communication. These physical conditions affect the person’s physical, functional, emotional and social well-being. According to the national statistical report, about 40% of people above 65 years have hearing loss, which made elderly people difficult to hear doorbells, car horns and alarms etc, in their daily life. Most age related hearing loss is irreversible, whilst there are devices to compensate which helps people to communicate more easily. Technological advances in hearing aids have expanded significantly, and these hearing aids can be selected based on the type of hearing problem. The technology of rechargeable hearing aids has developed quite extensively over the past few years and the tools can determine the level of amplification required for you and automatically adjusts the level of speech throughout your day.

Some of the Common Hearing Aids are:

Personal listening systems: From Business meetings to theatre performances to talking on the phone, these personal listen systems help you to hear in every situation throughout your day by eliminating or lowering the other noises around you. The sound wizard II in coordination with the Phone module, IR module and other optical accessories transforms the muffled sounds into a clear reception for clear communication. This is equipped with a dual headset jacks that will allow two people to use the sound wizard II simultaneously with no reduction of output.

Some others, such as FM systems and personal amplifiers are better for one-on-one conversations.

TV listening systems: It is specially designed for people who are suffering from severe hearing loss, who cannot hear the television clearly. This has an independent volume, tone and balanced control. It will also avoid the background noises that interrupt television viewing while conversation on telephone or the sounds coming from other places etc.

In TV systems you have a dual TV listening system which is specifically designed to help two people with a mild, moderate or severe hearing loss.

Telephone amplifying devices: Conversations on telephone some times are difficult to hear for elder people.. In such cases these devices are used to help eliminate this hearing problem. Built in amplification devices can help hearing impairments to use the phone successfully. These telephone amplifying devices reduce the background noise and make the incoming voice louder and easier to understand.

Ultra Clear Cordless Extra Handsets

The amplified Ultra clear cordless extra handset is ideal for a person that combines style and versatility. It is mostly used for those with a moderate-to-severe hearing loss. The vibrating alert and the blinking ring indicator light in your handset will help you not to miss a call. Amplification is adjustable up to 50db in both the high and low frequency sounds to match your hearing needs.

These are some of the commonly used hearing aids that make sounds clearer by delivering the sound waves and helps to communicate efficiently. Buying a good hearing aid makes your problem diagnose properly and will help you regain more of your hearing. It’s wonderful that we have many new technologically advanced tools to offer to elderly people with hearing loss, while we need to understand about which tools are best for each person. The way the sounds are amplified may differ depending on the type of hearing aid chosen, however the goal remains the same…

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