Learn Top Strategies for effective Presentation Skills

Presentation is a process of conveying information to the audience which intent to introduce a product or program activities. It usually use audio-visual aids to make it more interesting and easy to understand. Presentation is needed especially by teamwork of companies, even by the university students.

Not only for giving information to the audiences, presentation also aims to persuade, encourage, or influence the audiences to act related to the presentation subject. A good presentation is the presentation that can make the listener understand the points explained. And the best one is the presentation design which able to make the audiences feel impressed.

But because there are usually many intellect people watching and judging during one presents the material, presentation is regarded as something scary. This make a number of people especially them who have no natural eloquence face difficulties to do it. There are also parts of people who don’t have any self-confident problem to present but the explanations they convey are not effective and cannot achieve the target.

Nevertheless, there is a will there is a way. There are lots of strategies for effective presentation skills here to make presentation activity easier. Here they are!

Practice and Prepare

Effective presentation always supported by good communication skills like good intonation, right words, proper body language, and unique speaking style. To deliver this set perfectly, practice is the main key. The more we practice, the more we master the material.

Try to practice by mixing up your position like standing, sitting, opening arms and stepping. Do it in front of the mirror, your family or friend. Recording your practice into video also a very useful way.

Of course the contents of presentation must be prepared well. Determine and write what you should do and say in the beginning, in the middle, and in the end of presentation. Make those three parts of presentation as interesting as possible.

Be Enthusiastic and Energetic

Before going on to the stage, make sure that you are enthusiastic enough. This positive feeling may be got by listening to the energetic music or drinking favorite drink. The emotion you show in presentation will also be caught by the audience. The more enthusiastic and energetic you are, the more the audiences have interest in your presentation.

Attend or Watch Other Presentations

To know how the impressive presentation is, you have to place yourself as the audience. Attend other presentations, especially the one which delivered by a well known public speaker. If you cannot, just watch varies presentations on video. You can easily find them on internet. Learn from those speakers without changing yourself become them.

Arrive Earlier to the Location

Although the presentation will start at nine o’clock, it’s always good for you to arrive to the location at eight o’clock, an hour before. Having plenty of time to adapt to the place and atmosphere is a good way to increase your confidence.

Smile, Stand Confidently, and Be Natural

A presentation will be boring if the presenter deliver their explanation in a very rigid way. Don’t hesitate to smile to melt the situation. It’s also essential to maintain your balance by setting your feet far apart enough. Be natural in talking, don’t be like a robot or too obvious that you’re memorizing the text.

Don’t Talk Too Much Material

Presentation must consist of complete information needed about the topic. But, it doesn’t mean that you have to cover all the materials in one change of 30 minutes presentation. You have to choose which one is important and must be in your presentation, which one is not too important.

If you think some materials are too off-topic, or not really relevant to your points, just leave them out. If you condense too many material, the audience cannot get the main points they have to know about your presentation.

Interact to the Audience Actively

Presentation is always conveyed by one person telling the audience about their important points. Most of presentation seem like one direction talk. But actually, there is no rule that limit it. Occasionally, the presenter can ask their audience about their opinion or whether they get the point about what you are explaining or not.

This is one of the best strategies for effective presentation skills. People love interaction and like to be heard. They will also give more attention when you open the communication with them on the sidelines of your presentation. You may start by showing a poll or survey then ask them what’s on their mind about the poll or survey. Stimulate them to think and actively participate.

Entertain the Audience

Even though your presentation is about serious program or valuable information, it is not forbidden to joke several times in presentation. It is useful to make the audience more comfortable and interest in you and what you deliver. This way also for maintaining the audience attention and balancing the content.

Entertaining the audience with fresh humor is like a yummy seasoning to make your presentation complete with elements. But remember, don’t give to much joke that can make your presentation out of main points and out of time.

Relate the Idea with the Level and Interests of the Audience

A powerful presentation will always be able to find the attention from the listener. It will occur when the idea present are related to the interests of the audience. You can make it easier by analyzing their average age, educational background, culture, needs, and even their language to know their interests.

Don’t convey your information by using the words they cannot understand. Prepare your ideas before presentation. You may write them in a piece of paper and cheat it during the presentation to remind you what to say. Don’t forget to convey it while showing a good intonation and eye contact.

Use Visual Aids

The communication among the speaker and audiences will be more effective if you use visual aids while presenting. You can show pictures, diagrams, or charts in your slide. The visual aids will be faster to form the audience understanding. In your slide, remember to show only few sentences.

Just present the essential information in points cause your duty is to explains those points. It’s better to show attractive pictures related to the topic to make the audience not only listen your explanation but also visualize it.

Make a Strong Impression at the Beginning and at the End

Make a strong impression at the beginning and at the end of presentation is really needed for effective presentation skills. You can play an energetic music at both parts to stimulate the audience spirit. End your presentation by giving conclusion, great quote, and nice smile and greeting. If you are too busy for writing, you can always get a customized PowerPoint presentation written from scratch on CustomWritings – presentation writing service.

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