Best natural Home Remedies for Dandruff Treatment (Anti-Dandruff)

During hair brushing if you found white flakes, make sure you are affected with Dandruff problem. Dandruff causes due to scalp disorder. I can say this is one type of Skin problem. There are several factors those damages our skin in scalp area. Few of them are less care, not enough hair brushing, fungal infections (Malassezia), Dry skin, Seborrheic dermatitis, Psoriasis, Eczema, Poor Diet plan, Mental Stress & HIV. If you are affected with diseases like Psoriasis, Eczema or HIV please visit your doctor or else you can relief from dandruff at your home. In this session I am sharing few best Home Remedies for Dandruff Treatment.

Guidelines for following remedies

In dry hair take a combo & brush you hair well until 80 to 90 percent of white flakes came out. Then in little warm water using anti-dandruff shampoo wash your hair & scalp area well. After wash leave 2 hours to make your scalp area dry.

Use Tomatoes

In the matter of beauty healthy hairs are mandatory. One of the major hair related problem is Dandruff. Today in market there are various products available to cure Dandruff but while some of them giving results some of them are not. The reason here let us come up with one effective natural beauty tips for Dandruff solution. Take 1 or 2 medium size tomatoes. Cut them in 4 pieces (each one of 1/2). Remove the seeds and inner fleshy part of tomatoes. Then rub this on your scalp areas well for 30 minutes. Then leave your scalp free for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes wash your head with little warm water. This is a proofed homemade natural Dandruff solution. If you are suffering with Dandruff, Try this remedy Today.

Azadirachta indica (Neem) Leaves

Botanical name of Neem is Azadirachta indica. Neem is rich with anti-bacterial & anti-fungal properties. In the industry of Skin Care products Neem has its own value. Neem effects brilliant in Skin diseases. In many case it is found fungal infection is a major cause for dandruff. If you have dandruff problem due to fungal infection take some 100 to 120 Neem leaves. Boil it in 4 to 5 cups of water. Nearly after 20 to 30 minutes you will found the water color will look brown. Then cool & strain the solution. Using a soft brush apply this lotion to your scalp area. Keep it for 50 to 60 minutes & then wash it well. Do this thrice a week. This process helps to kill fungus & bacteria’s, which results cure from dandruff’s.

Original Coconut Oil

Off course you have coconut oil in your home but for dandruff treatment I will like to suggest you original homemade coconut oil. Coconut oil is having anti-fungal property which helps to eliminate dandruff’s. Dandruff causes itching. In this case use of Coconut oil helps to prevent itching & protects your skin from dryness. Keep remember while applying coconut oil for dandruff problem mix similar amount of lemon juice in it. This is much more effective then only coconut oil massage.

Baking Soda

Sodium bicarbonate is the chemical name of baking soda. Sodium bicarbonate is very effective to control fungal growth. In the matter of skin, regular massage of baking soda removes dead cells. To relief you from dandruff problems after bath in wet hair rub a handful of baking soda in your scalp area. Leave it for 10 to 15 minutes. Then wash your hair & scalp area well with little warm water. Keep remember after this process don’t do shampoo. For better result do this process twice a week.

Lemon Juice & Slices

Lemon is an excellent source of Vitamin C & anti-oxidants properties. Anti-oxidant nature of lemon helps to generate healthy cells. At the same end acidic nature of lemon capable to remove dead cells. This is the cause lemon juice & slices massage in scalp area helps to relief from dandruff problem. To apply this treatment, take 4 to 5 lemons. In a pot extract these lemons juice & keep the slices. First make your scalp area wet using lemon juice. Then start rubbing slices in your scalp. Continue this process for 20 to 25 minutes. Then leave it for 5 minutes. During this period you will feel little burning sensual in your scalp area. Don’t worry this is good for dandruff treatment. After 5 minutes wash your hair & scalp area with normal water. Repeat this process twice in 15 days.

Garlic paste

Garlic contains lot of anti-biotic formulas which helps to kill bacteria’s. In the treatment of dandruff garlic paste is very effective. Take 4 to 5 garlic’s. Using mixer prepare a paste. Apply this paste on your scalp area. Keep it for 25 to 30 minutes. Then wash you hair with normal water.


Vinegar is rich with potassium enzymes. This helps to protect itching in your scalp area. Apple cider vinegar massage improves blood flow & removes dead cells from scalp skin. This results relief from dandruff problem. In place of only vinegar add same amount of water before massage.

Choose Correct Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

While purchasing an anti-dandruff shampoo make sure that shampoo contains any of Zinc pyrithione (Helps to slow down Yeast Infection), Selenium sulphide (Helps to reduce production of natural oil in your scalp area), Coal tar (It is a natural anti-fungal), Salicyclic acids (Helps to get rid from dead cells) or Tea-tree oil (Rich with anti-fungal, anti-biotic & anti-septic). In place of general shampoo medicated shampoo helps to cure dandruff. Self if you are unable to choose correct shampoo take suggestion from your family doctor.

Using the above formulas I am sure you will get relief from dandruff problem. Try them & share us your valuable feedback.