Symptoms & Herbal Home remedies for Yeast infection

These days, we have been very familiar with many types of infections. Some of them might be less harmful while some other infection can be a very serious threat to your health and life. Yeast infection is one of the most common types of infections that mostly attacks women with varying ages. No matter how harmless it may seem, yeast infection should be treated properly since it can be very discomforting. A proper treatment is also required to keep you from a more severe condition or complication. In this session let us share few herbal home remedies for yeast infection.

Symptoms of Yeast infection

Yeast infection may affect many parts of your body including your mouth, skin, throat or genitals. Most of us see this kind of infection as a slight issue considering that finding the medications for this infection is very easy. They come in many different forms and are widely available in many drug stores throughout the country. However, such medication is not the only option that you have when it comes to treating yeast infection. We can also choose to treat the discomforting infection naturally. Apparently, there are many natural home remedies for yeast infection and they have become a more preferable choice because it is a much safer medication. By taking one of these natural remedies, you shall be prevented from building up antibiotics inside your body. More interestingly, this natural medication is obviously a less expensive solution by far.

When you come to a drug store near your home, you shall find plenty of antifungal creams, oral antifungal medications and ointments. Because this kind of infection may occur on the genital area of a woman, the drug manufacturers have also come up with vaginal supplements. All those types of medications have been proven powerful in treating yeast infections. However, you should never take the possible side effects of those medications for granted. It is very important that you pay more attention on the label and follow the instructions properly. An excessive use of these medications will lead you to harmful side effects. Curing yeast infection with some creams or drugs can be very frustrating. In some cases, the medication fails to keep the infections from reappearing. Those are among the reasons why many people shift their focus on the natural remedies to cure yeast infection.

Garlic as a Home Remedy

Garlic has to be one of the most useful cooking ingredients. Not only that it can make your dishes a lot tastier, garlic has a great power to help you cure a large number of health conditions including yeast infection. It is the antifungal properties of garlic that makes it very effective in treating this infection. The only serious challenge you have to face would be the smell of this white spice. If you like to get rid of the infection quickly, you should prepare yourself to consume at least two cloves of garlic everyday. If consuming garlic is just too challenging for you, this home remedy can also be used as a topical application. You can simply crush a couple cloves of garlic and apply it on the infected skin area.

Vinegar for Yeast infection

There are different types of vinegar available and you can use apple cider vinegar or white vinegar for curing the yeast infection. The anti-fungal properties of vinegar turn out to be very useful in inhibiting the growth of the fungi. It is also a very practical natural remedy to fight against the yeast infection. All you have to do is pour the vinegar into a small bowl filled with a small amount of water and apply the mixture on the affected skin area. After about 15 minutes, you can wash your skin with clean water. You can repeat the application for a few days.

Tea Tree Oil as a Herbal remedy

This home remedy is also renowned for its anti-fungal properties. You can make it a topical application on the affected area and the anti-fungal properties will help you destroy the candida albicans, which is fungus that cause this infection. If you like to enjoy more effective result, you should never use undiluted tea tree oil for this infection. One more thing, this simple home remedy is not recommended for treating yeast infection on a pregnant woman. It may bring a bad side effect to the lady as well as to the upcoming baby.

Plain Yogurt to Cure Yeast infection

You must have been very familiar with yogurt and its various tastes. Beside its refreshing taste, yogurt can also become a very useful natural home remedy to treat yeast infection. Just make sure that you ly use the one with a plain taste. This home remedy comes with beneficial acidophilus bacteria in it. This healthy content has a great capacity to keep the growth of candida albicans under control. You can either consume the plain yogurt or apply it on the affected skin area as your effort to kill the fungus and cure the yeast infection.

Buttermilk as a Home Remedy

This home remedy also has plenty of good bacteria that is very useful in fighting the growth of candida albicans. In order to get the effective results in fighting the infection, it is recommended that you consume buttermilk several times a day. You can stop the consumption once the yeast infection is completely cured.

Unlike the medical treatment, natural remedies to cure yeast infection come with so many options. Beside those stated natural remedies, there are many other remedies to help you cure this infection including gentian violet and herbal douche. They are surely a much safer choice as they come with no side effects.