Useful Tips to Choice Swimming Lessons Agencies in Singapore!

When it comes to choosing the best swimming school in Singapore, confusion is guaranteed. This is because the destination houses too many top notch options that makes difficult for the people to choose the best one for their child or themselves. One of the renowned swimming hubs in Singapore is Yio Chu Kang swimming complex. Many top-rated agencies choose to provide their swimming lessons in this complex.

So, how to find the best swimming agency in Singapore for you and your child? The following 5 factors will let you know.

1. Qualified Instructors

This is the first thing to consider while taking swimming lessons. In Singapore, the top-rated swimming agencies have certified coaches from Sports Singapore, Swimming Teachers Association and AUSTSWIM. You need to check properly if your swim agency has certified coaches from these association or not in Singapore to be sure that you or your child are under proper guidance.

2. Swimming Curriculum

The curriculum should include the step by step details of the swimming lessons with proper breakdown of levels to let you know how your child is going to have their progress from one level to another and what new skill they will learn in each level. You will also find many schools giving proficiency awards to students in the form of bronze, silver, and gold on clearing different levels of the swimming program. These things ensure the teaching standards of the agency.

3. Check the Environment for best Observation

You can visit at the class timings to see how the coaches handle other people, kids and how dedicatedly they are providing the lessons with safety. For best observation, consider visiting the agency at the time and schedule you are selecting for your child to see how much crowded the pool gets that time. Also, check if there are proper shower facilities and hot water supply.

4. Coach and Student Ratio

If your child is small or a beginner level swimmer, this factor is a must to consider. Check how many people the coaches are accommodating in each group. If the group is too large, opt for private lessons as it will provide undivided attention to your child. For 6 to 36 months, 6:1 ratio is preferable; for 3 to 4 years, 4:1 ratio; for 5 to 6 years, up to 6:1; for 7 to 12 years, up to 8:1 and for Adults it should not be more than 4:1.

5. Safety Measures

If your child is a toddler or a kid, check the condition of the pools like how clear they are, if they are temperature controlled and chlorinated, how comfortable is the environment, depth of water and so on. You can check yourself with a test kit to see the PH levels as the low PH water will affect your kid’s eyes with soaring. For smaller kids, agencies having indoor pools provide the best environment.