Medical Equipments available at AMRI Hospitals for Healthcare Facilities

The healthcare industry has witnessed a global revolution with the advancement of technology, especially in the last couple of decades. Today, India has one of the largest markets for medical devices in Asia, and is poised for a rapid growth.

Access to quality medical devices is important to control the non-communicable diseases, including cardiovascular disorders, diabetes, pulmonary problems and cancer. In the recent years, the Central government has tried to carve out distinct regulations for medical devices. On the other hand, the Health Ministry has also worked out a framework to provide quality treatment to the patients across the country.

Many private healthcare providers are also installing latest medical equipment, ensuring uninterrupted treatment with best healthcare facilities. Recently, AMRI Hospital Kolkata introduced new imaging equipment and navigation system for accurate spine and neurosurgery. The introduction of O-arm S8 navigation system, the most advanced 3D surgical imaging equipment, will make the surgeries a lot more efficient.

Similarly, many advanced tools like conventional electrocardiogram (ECGs), bedside monitors, diagnostic X-ray equipment, therapy equipment, such as diathermy-ultrasound-electrotherapy, surgical diathermy, respiration monitors, etc., have been incorporated by various private hospitals to provide universal healthcare to the citizens.

On the other hand, government hospitals have also brought new technologies like ICDs (implantable cardiac defibrillators) that are capable of reducing the mortality by 20-30 per cent over 10 years for the patients. The prognosis for countless women with breast cancer has improved with the introduction of technologies like mammography and radiation. Apart from this, medical equipment like MRI, medical monitors and ultrasound have also proved to be helpful in examining the medical state of the patient.

“Healthcare professionals can only perform their duty to the full potential if the medical equipment are functioning in the right way”, reckon medical practitioners at AMRI Hospitals, best hospital in Kolkata. They can only measure the medical condition of the patients precisely with a better technology. So, all the medical equipment need to be maintained properly, especially with the rise in the number of life-threatening diseases.

Although India has struggled to provide revolutionary healthcare to an entire population of 1.4 billion people, the expansion of private healthcare industry has played a huge role in making healthcare available to the remotest of areas. It has helped in bridging the gap between the demand and supply of medical technologies in the recent times. Continuous innovations in the private sector have expanded the healthcare facilities to the remotest areas of the country. Apart from this, the Make in India initiative has ensured the production of affordable devices that can compete at the global level.

However, there is still a need to revolutionize the healthcare industry further to ensure the availability of affordable treatment and medical equipment to all the parts of the country.