Ways and Reasons behind for hiring a Housemaid

In the 21st century, we have become very busy in our own life working for our organization or going to a social gathering or hanging out with friends on holidays or going out at a party. As we have become very busy, the hiring of maid nowadays for doing everyday household work like house cleaning, cooking, washing clothes have become a common phenomenon.

Appointing a housemaid can be a tricky task. Although there are a lot of agencies providing housemaids for a variety of work they are not available online and we still prefer to hire Jeff Maid Agency through word of mouth. In ancient times servants for the royal families were hired after proper verification to ensure the safety, security, and comfort of the former.

If you are looking to hire a housemaid you should take note of the following points.

Reasons to hire a housemaid

What is your reason to hire a maid? What work do you want them to do? Like sweeping, mopping, cooking and washing utensils, washing clothes, taking care of kids and elders at home.

Do you want them to work part-time or Full Time

You may hire a maid every day for 2-3 hours for doing particular work or full-time maids who will do all the household chores and work 8- 10 hours a day.

Way of hiring

You may ask for references from your neighbors or relatives. Otherwise, you may take the help of maid hiring agencies from newspapers or search online.

Is he/she proficient in the work

How efficient is she in doing that particular work which you want them to do. Sometimes maids who cook may not be willing to wash clothes. There should be a clear cut communication regarding the same before hiring your maid.

Check for hygienic practices

Look whether the person is maintaining basic hygiene like wearing clean clothes and does not have bad habits like chewing tobacco and spitting here and there. If you are hiring them to cook food or babysit make sure their hands particularly are clean.

Age of your maid

You would not want your maid to be below 18 years of age as they should be encouraged to go to school and not too old as well because being elders they deserve the respect like our parents.

Check for basic health and previous illness

It is important that your maid is not suffering from any chronic diseases like tuberculosis especially if they are cooking food or look after your children.

Identity verification

Check for the genuinity of the person and before hiring them do check their basic documents like identity card even if you are hiring them from maid agencies.


Needless to say, the fees of your maid should be within your budget. But also check with them for additional perks. Does he/she want bonuses during festivals, yearly bonus or increment?