The Environmental benefits of Paying Bills Online

Sustainability and the threat to the Earth’s ecology are problems that we all are aware of. Consistent focus on industrial growth has impaired the earth in many ways, which is why there are rising concerns globally about the adverse effect of human civilization on the planet. For the past almost five decades, efforts have been to rectify things and help the Earth get back to its original condition. However, things look bleak at the moment, making it the appropriate time for every individual citizen of the planet to contribute towards sustainability.

The pandemic, many believe, happened for a reason – it was nature’s way to put a brake on the random dilapidation of the Blue Planet. It helped the Earth heal a lot, as per many environmentalists. No doubt, with most people working from home and industries being shut for months, the carbon emissions in the atmosphere did for a certain period decrease nominally. But, a lockdown is not the best option considering that the economy worldwide was impacted badly. Hence, the need of the hour is the individual efforts that all of us can bring into force to save further environmental degradation.

Saving Paper

One significant aspect of saving the environment is saving trees from being cut down. It is common knowledge that the paper industry thrives thanks largely to the vast forest cover across the planet. This paper is then used by different service providers across different industrial verticals to print bills, marketing brochures, etc., to send to customers. Not just that, tonnes and tonnes of paper are used in printing fiat currencies by all nations.

A significant move towards saving paper has been the growth of the digital medium, and the way bills can now be paid and settled online. By choosing to pay bills electronically, all of us can make a big difference in environmental degradation. The biggest impact is the reduced use of paper that directly impacts the cutting down of trees. For example, if you are a customer of South Bihar Power Distribution Company Ltd. (SBPDCL). You receive the bills every month in paper form – firstly, contact the service provider to inform them to send you the e-bill on your registered email id each month rather than the hard copy. Secondly, use the online SBPDCL bill pay mode using a robust payment app. Thirdly, save the soft copy receipt of the payment rather than taking a printout.

When each of us does this regularly every month, we can help the Earth heal way faster than we can ever fathom.

Saving Fuel

In India, the predominant fuel being used in vehicles is petrol and diesel. When you choose to pay bills physically, you need to take your car out or take a bus ride to reach the billing counter of the service provider. The kind of fuel being used by each consumer just to make a bill payment is unthinkable.

So, the next time you need to pay the electricity bills of Uttar Pradesh Power Corporation Limited or UPPCL, you should consciously choose the option of UPPCL online bill payment. Online payments are usually done indoors – you could be home or in your office and get online or download a payment app to make the payment. This way, you are saving fuel and hence helping in reducing your carbon footprint on the ecology.

Choosing to pay online is one of the easiest things to do. You would generally need to download a payment app and use it with a few simple clicks from your smartphone. You would need to register with the app, activate your digital wallet, or get your savings bank account linked with the wallet to use the app as a seamless payment tool.