The President of America Barack Obama Biography – Facts about Obama

President Barrack Obama is the charismatic and lone figure who has been elected as the president for twice in the America. He is the world’s renowned person and the most influential individual with superb sensibility and shrewd political sense. As a Law graduate, he is well acquainted with varied laws and knows best to utilize any opportunity given. He has come from a simple layman background and sailed through diverse phases to taste victory. It is his devotion, commitment, confidence, and perseverance only, which won the millions of heart. President Obama is a self aware person and blessed with the ability to tie his experiences into a political speech where he highlights himself as a mere citizen speaking for the common mass. His simple upbringing and humble family background have enabled him to connect with billions of citizens with a magic effect. In below read more about Barack Obama Biography.

People say that leaders are born not made is quite similar to Mr. Barrack Obama. There are many people in the world who has faced the hard phases of life, but few of them have that courage to surpass that and prove themselves. Mr. Barack Obama is one such persona, who saw then rainbow of life and crossing all the barriers successfully mounted on the top.

The present US president Mr. Barrack Obama was born in 1961, in Honolulu, Hawaii. He did not have any association with his father during his childhood who has separated from his mother when Obama was only two years old and married another woman. Thus, Barrack Obama was brought up by the warmth of his grandparents who was joined by Obama’s mother and sister later on.

Mr. Obama has excelled as the finest basketball player during his college days and completed graduation with academic honors in 1979. Being the African American he had to experience lot of negativity and became conscious about racism at a very tender age. After high school, he went to Occidental College in Los Angeles for two years and transferred to Columbia University in New York to study Political Science and completed his graduation in 1983. Then he worked for two years in the business sectors and moved to Chicago. There he worked as a society organizer for low-income residents. During his stay in Chicago, he was frustrated of being abandoned due to his dark complexion. He lost his father when he was 21 years old whom he hardly met in his life.

Entering Harvard law school in 1988 was the turning point for Mr. Obama where he met Michelle Robinson and married in 1992. He resumed his work life as a practitioner of civil rights lawyer and a part-time lecturer plus professor at the University of Chicago Law School from 1992-2004.

This aspiring and legendary soul has creative skill by birth and wrote an autobiography and published it in 1995, as “Dreams from My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance.” The audio version of this book narrated by Mr. Obama has received Grammy Award for best spoken word album in 2006. As an able student of law, he kept a position in Illinois State Senate, worked as a Democrat, and won the election in 1996. In this time-frame, Mr. Obama worked with Democrats and Republicans to draft laws on ethics, health care services and early childhood education programs for the poor. It is Mr. Obama who created a state earned income tax credit for the working class. Mr. Barrack Obama was invited to deliver a speech in support of John Kerry at the Democratic national convention in Boston 2004, where Mr. Obama has emphasized the importance of unity.

This democratic nominee defeated Republican nominee John McCain and became the first African American president of the country at the time when America’s economy was facing the global recession. However, with an agenda of financial reform, focusing on alternative energy, reinvention of education and health care, he brought the all round stability to America. He also strengthens America’s foreign policy and crossed all barriers to improving relation with Europe, China, and Russia. He connected with several groups to improve the global economy and received the Nobel Peace Prize in 2009 for his social peace making deeds.

Mr. Obama’s organized policy and frontier thinking have made him again coming into the reign by re-election in 2012. Thus, with uphill struggle and sincerity, guts and fair play, tolerance and curiosity, loyalty and patriotism, Mr. Barrack Obama has paved the way from being the simple African-American to be the president of America. He has become the world figure who is revered at every part of the world for his practical and justified leadership qualities.