5 Real Motivation Guidelines from Gurus of Motivation

Motivation doesn’t always rest in words. It rests in small actions. It rests in gestures. It rests in a piece of advice. It rests in so many things is noticed. What is the real motivation? Hear what bosses of motivation have to say.

Don’t be Flexible

Most of the people are flexible for no reason at all. They are giving their 100% and despite they are listening to the criticism? What for? Why are they showing flexibility and listening to all that criticism? There is no glory in doing that. There is no honor in doing that. There is no courage in doing that. On the contrary, if you are doing 100% adopt a rigid exposure that reveals your excellence in your work. Don’t flexible if you have given your 100%. Don’t be flexible if you haven’t done anything wrong. Don’t flexible if you owe nothing to anyone. Be clear about your choices. Be clear about your personality. Be clear about your behavior. Be clear about your words. Be clear about your vibes. That clarity gives the ultimate confidence. Don’t need to be flexible all the time. Be flexible if it gives you strength. Be flexible it gives you freedom. Be flexible if it gives you nicety. Be flexible if it gives you wisdom. Don’t be flexible for no reason at all. It is going to develop a coward personality in you. A fearful and coward version of yourself would be dominant in your personality.

Don’t prove Everywhere

People are very much interested in listening to the justifications from you. Are you justifying all over doing what you like? For wearing what you like? For eating what you like? For traveling where you want to? For talking whom you want to? These baby justifications are very dangerous for your personality. These justifications aren’t giving you anything but depression as well as anxiety. If you are wearing Wiley X Glasses and someone is criticizing you, give zero justification to that person. If you are eating carbs enriched food and a person sitting next to you is criticizing, give zero justification. Not everyone needs justification. Not everything needs justification. Don’t prove yourself. Don’t prove your worth. Don’t prove your talents. Don’t prove your excellence. Don’t prove your skills. Don’t prove your intentions. Don’t prove your credibility. There is no need for this.

Courage and Confidence

Most of the people believe that showing up confidence in front of friends is bravery. People believe that showing confidence in front of relatives is real courage. No, it isn’t. Anyone can do that. Doing the right thing is courage. Speaking the truth is courage. Staying loyal is real confidence. Staying truthful is real courage. Staying positive is real confidence. Staying real is courage. Because any idiot with bragging words can claim courage. Any idiot with bragging words can claim confidence. These aren’t real measuring aspects standards of confidence and courage. Don’t be an idiot who is bragging about courage and confidence for no reason at all. These falsified standards of confidence and courage are more like quicksand.

Uplift Others

People are categorized into two. One, who is lifting others. Two, who are letting others downs. Which one are you? Are you lifting others in their difficult time? Are you letting others down in times of trouble as well as difficulty and problems? Don’t be the other one. There are already millions of monsters out there in the world. On the contrary, be the person who uplifts. Be the person who is a supporter. Be the person who isn’t afraid of being a good person. That’s the real motivation worth acquiring in the work. Positivity is a great motivation. Good energy is good motivation. Good vibes are good motivation. A good personality is good motivation. Good behavior is good motivation. Good etiquettes are good motivation. Inspiring behavior is good motivation. Kind words are good motivation. Kind acts are good motivation. Kind gestures are good motivation. Helping others making good choices if they cannot, is good motivation. Wearing Stylish Safety Glasses and taking randomly isn’t the only way to propagate good motivation. There are hundreds of ways to propagate good motivation.