TISSOT – 9 Watches you Should have in your Collection

Are you looking for a watch those has anything you want? Tissot watches got it all for you. With a varied assortment of timepieces, Tissot is at the forefront of innovation. This watchmaker company provides everything you’re searching for in a watch, from automatic to sports watches. This Swiss company creates cheap timepieces that are both dependable and fashionable.

Tissot watches are diverse from traditional to athletic men’s watches to women’s favored daily timepieces. It is undoubtedly the most loved watch for all genders. Keep on reading to know the different Tissot collections out in the market.

1. T-Lady

Often on the hunt for the latest trends and styles, the brand developed the T-Lady, a range of attractive timepieces explicitly designed for modern ladies. The T-Lady series is regarded as the feminine equivalent to the T-Classic men’s watches. Each watch in the T-Lady series embodies beauty and elegance, making it the ideal everyday timepiece for any woman.

2. T-Classic

The T-Classic series is mostly about refinement and beauty. It includes a wide range of classic men’s and women’s watches. Each version has a polished appearance that would be appropriate for any occasion. With such an extensive selection, you will find the perfect Tissot watch in our line.

3. T-Gold

The T-Gold is a timepiece that exudes refinement and sophistication while maintaining the high standards of value that Tissot is known for. Tissot is famous for giving gold costs at silver pricing to its clients. These clocks will add refinement and sophistication to any collector’s item. The T-Gold, which comes in various forms, has a common factor: the precious alloy in its brand, as you’ve imagined. The T-Gold family of timepieces, which includes everything from classic traditional watches to denser, more manly options, is always classy.

4. T-Trend

The T-Trend series combines contemporary style with innovative technology. The line is a sign of polished elegance with a modern twist, and the dial-in will not let you down in terms of functionality. These collections are not only sturdy, but they also have a level of accuracy and precision that you won’t find in regular timepieces. The T-Trend line is your best option for finding a magnificent wristwatch that succeeds in terms of features and capabilities, with a variety that includes watches for everyday usage.

5. T-Sports

Tissot is a Swiss watchmaker with a one-of-a-kind position in the watch market because of their high-quality devices that don’t break the bank. However, with a series like the T-Sport, you can expect luxurious features and functionality that can make you fall in love in a shot glance. The T-Sport is intended for daily use and is considered the brand’s flagship range of manly and sturdy sports watches. The T-Sport series has a diverse sports style with a variety that includes exquisite suede straps and stylish stainless steel versions.

6. Heritage

The Heritage collection satisfies both trendy and antique watch fans by reworking old favorites into contemporary models. This broad line combines the best from the old days with modern technology for vigorous sports clocks, enduring chronographs, or gorgeous dress watches. With this artwork series, you can own a Swiss brand’s extraordinary heritage, which comes with automatic or quartz revolvers.

7. Touch Collection

The T-Touch is a contemporary timepiece designed for the most exciting of adventures. Its compact yet purposely sturdy frame combines the proper combination of form and function. It’s a striking hybrid tool watch that combines quartz innovation with modern technology from the twentieth century. Tissot shows its ability to stay up with unpredictable trends while being faithful to its watchmaking ethics with this ground-breaking design.

8. T-Pockets

The T-Pocket pleases the idyllic character of clocks in adding to providing the accurate time. It comes in a wide variety of styles and models. Some have a stainless steel frame and body back. Because of the sheet metal alloy, they are highly resilient and corrosion-resistant. This series also gives the timepieces a rough, robust finish that never decolorizes, illuminating the light that hits them and bringing awareness to the owner.

9. PRX

The newly released model of the conventional1978 PRX 40 205 watch is a fascinating and unique new timepiece from Swiss Tissot this year. Over the years, the quartz mobility watches will see a revival among watch collectors. The PRX watches from 2021 are notable not with any unique features or innovations but for being sturdy, extremely capable, and an excellent price at about $400.

The History of Tissot Company

Charles-Félicien, the father, and Charles-Émile, the son, are the proprietors of Tissot. They began the watch firm at the comfort of their home. The company was at Crêt-Vaillant, Le Locle, in Switzerland’s northwest, and still exists today. We popularly recognized Tissot for its sports watch and mechanical timepieces with refined simplicity and the pioneer for touchscreen timepieces.

Today, the firm is a part of the prestigious Swatch group. It remains to manufacture reputable, albeit shockingly affordable, genuine Swiss watches. The brand has been adapting and reimagining its classic lines to make a new watch idea since 1853.

Tissot’s First Watch

Tissot’s original timepieces were gold pocket watches when the company began in the mid-nineteenth century. This watchmaker has created something remarkable in their first year: the pocket watch with a single movement and two time zones. That same year, the brand began selling its watches overseas, delivering their items to America’s watch market.

They then took their timepieces to the Russians. Charles Tissot, Charles-Émile’s son, married a Russian woman and began a family in Moscow, which quickly became their largest market. There, the business sold several beautifully decorative pocket timepieces, some of which ended up in the hands of Tsar Alexander II.

These pocket watches will open to display the dial when you flip, suited to embellishment. The company also kept making pocket watches with functional complexities, such as a minute-repeater in 1887. During this time, the firm received international recognition at contests and exhibits, such as the 1900 World’s Fair.

The watch gifted to Numa Droz, Swiss President, was very remarkable. The business recently repurchased this watch and is now on the expo in the Tissot exhibit.

In Conclusion

Tissot watches are ideal for both men and women. Since time immemorial, Tissot watches have proven their performance and durability. You can find your search for modern, classy, traditional, or rugged looks at Tissot watches. Whatever look you want to achieve, these watches have everything to offer for you.