Crucial for Securing a Job and reducing your Interview Fear

We all feel a bit scared when our interview gets closer, either a job or academic admission, some are able to cope with this pressure and some are unable to cope this pressure. The excellent way to overcome any sort of fear is preparation, preparation will not only help you in reducing your interview fear significantly but it will also help you in acing the interview. These tips will help you to hack HR round Interview.

1. Know yourself

Your interviewer will be more interested in knowing your personality rather than your skills and will try to check how much you are aware of yourself. Self-awareness is a very important knowledge about oneself that helps interviewer in knowing how good interviewee is. You will be shocked to know that no matter how much skills you have and how much knowledge you have about your majors if you do not have knowledge about yourself then an interviewer will not even consider you for the job. You should always figure out what are your strength and weakness that your interviewer will want to know. When you are telling about your weakness be careful because you do not want to tell that weakness, which will remove you from the shortlist.

2. Know what you Want from your Job

Now, you should understand why it is important to have a career goal because questions related to career goals are the main factor for the success in your interview. An interviewer does not want to hire a person, who has no career goals; interviewer would love to hire that person, who has a clear idea of what he wants to be and how he wants to get there. Having a career goal tells an employer that you are motivated for the job and will work hard to achieve your goals.

3. Know your Employer

It is very important to know about your employer because this tells the interviewer that how much you are interested in getting the job, it is the best thing to do some research on the company where your interview is. You can check company’s website and look for what their goal, visions, and achievement are and you should try to find the information regarding the potential interviewer. This complete knowledge about the interviewing company will aid you in getting that job.

4. Know your Industry

There is a difference between a person, who works for the money and a person, who works for the success, by keeping knowledge about your industry, you show that you want to be successful and a company hires those, who want to be successful. Knowing your industry tells an interviewer that you are aware of the current happening and its possible impact on the future.

5. Show your Versatility

Interviewer knows that’s you have the basic skills required for the job that is why he has selected you but there are many others, who also fit the bill so you should try to tell them how much skills and knowledge you have about your majors but most importantly what extra skills and knowledge you have that others don’t have. This is a fantastic way to separate you from others and interview loves employer, who have other diverse skills that can help a company.

6. Tell your Achievements

Here interviewer will ask you about what sort of the extraordinary thing you have done, it should be able to tell how successful you are and you will be for them. Your achievement should highlight your team working and personal skills and it will be better if you can find an achievement that can relate to a job. If you are a fresh graduate then your internship and academic achievements are your best option and if you are experienced worker then your job achievements are your best option.

7. Tell them why they need you

This is the best way to tell your employer what are your strengths and how those strengths will help your employer. Here your company research will aid you in identifying the problems that their company is facing; your job is to provide them a solution with the help of your skills. The perfect answer to this question will get you the job for which you are giving an interview.


Preparing these 7 things is very crucial for securing a job and reducing your interview fear because these questions are asked the majority of the times by an interviewer.