Maysville, Kentucky Online Ledger Independent Newspaper

The Ledger Independent is quite known by people that reside around Adams and Brown counties in Ohio, as well as Bracken, Mason, Lewis and Robertson counties in Kentucky. It is very unlikely that you will find someone that resides in any of these neighborhoods and is yet to hear about Ledger Independent. The reason for this is most people in the above-mentioned areas turn to Ledger Independent for the latest local news. Ledger news is so relevant to the above-mentioned counties to the extent that it has become something worth celebrating as there was a celebration of being with the daily paper for half of a century. Although the residents of Adam, Brown, Bracken, Mason, Lewis, and Robertson counties celebrated fifty years of the relevance of Ledger independent, this daily paper dates way back to more than a hundred and fifty years.

LI had its first publication on the 1st of October, 1968. This was done about the same time that two other newspapers in the city were published, therefore, birthing a form of competition. The other newspapers that were birthed about the same time that Ledger Independent was published were known as The Public Ledger and Daily Independence. Although there was some form of competition between Ledger Independent, Daily Independent and The Public Ledger, the competition between these three newspapers that were first published about the same time moved on without The Public Ledger as it was acquired by Gadsden Times Publishing Corporation. After this incidence, an afternoon version of the Public Ledger was still being printed by Maysville Publishing Corporation. This occurrence took place because the former manager of Gadsden Times Publishing Corporation was both president and publisher of Mayville publishing Corporation.

At its inception, Ledger Independent had a reputation for publishing a paper six days every week. This reputation for publishing a paper six days a week continued as a ritual until 1980 when Howard publications Inc. purchased Mayville Publishing Corporation and everything under it.

While functioning under the ownership of the Howard family, Ledger Newspaper had no real facility of its own. This, however, came to an end in 2001 after the Howard family that was in charge of Ledger Independent sold it alongside 16 other daily newspapers in their possession to Lee Enterprises. Under the ownership of Lee Enterprises, Maysville newspaper got a facility.

Things continued normally for Ledger independent for the next 17 years until 2018 when Lee Enterprises decided to sell it alongside all that it was associated with to Champions Media, LLC.

Although Ledger Independent has been owned by various people with many different policies over a space of time, it has not changed its physical location. It has been located right in a place that is central to all the towns it offers services. This consistency in its location to a large extent is responsible for the level of growth that it has enjoyed over time. This is simply so because its ownership might have changed, but it has continued offering services to the same target audience.