Microsoft’s Hololens making Science Fiction Fascination into The Real World

With the recent announcement of Window 10 in the conference held in the Microsoft’s Campus in Redmond, We got a chance to peek into the dimensions of future Technologies. With the upcoming trends, one gizmo that left my mouth opened in awe is Microsoft’s Hololens. “Holy shit! “;“Is this for real”, “Ohh! That must be new movie probably by Microsoft to recover huge losses, they got from Windows Phone”, all these thoughts were revolving in mind. But to my shock, it was apparently real. Wow! I am totally bought with Hololens technology. So far, we were hearing about Virtual Reality. But with Microsoft’s Hololens announcement, we see an another milestone in the future of next generation cutting edge technology.

What is Hololens Technology?

Are you impressed the way, Tony Stark (Ironman Movie) makes his computer screen appear right in front of him. The way he touches and tilt the holographic images to make his plans. This is what Hologram Technology is. It is a way to bring the digital world into the real world By Microsoft’ Holo-Lens Display. When you wear this head-up display and look through hololens, You are easily able to interact with 3D holograms synced in your real world.

How it is going to Revolutionize the world?


Imagine, for Instance you need to send a mail to your friend and you are doing some work in the Kitchen. You can bring you’re your computer screen right in front of you, there itself, in the shape of Hologram and send the mail. You don’t even need to have mouse or touch anything. Hololens very smartly understand your gestures, eye movement and voice, thus giving you a dream of really interacting with the digital world. Cool! Isn’t it?

Few Amazing things I learn at Microsoft’s Conference, You can do with Hololens

  • Microsoft’s Hololens captures the dimension of your room and creates an atmosphere of holograms surrounding you. It literally makes your world a canvas as you can pin holograms to real physical locations.
  • You can bring the presence of your friend or anyone you are calling, into your house. They can see the all around your place the way you see it. They can instruct you by simply drawing instruction in their tablet or Pc. How cool is that!
  • While wearing the hololens head –up display, you can go beyond the Screen. For instance, you are a bike designer, you can bring the hologram of the actual bike in front of you and using your gestures alter or make changes. This will give more sharpness and accuracy to the designers.
  • With Microsoft’s Hololens, you can actually visit places, which you could only dream of. Did you also dream of visiting Mars and do an inspection like Neil ARM Strong? Now, you can feel that experience in real time by using Mars Holograms images. You can feel the experience like you are actually walking on the surface there. Beyond just fun, this technology will take education to a new level for certain.

Microsoft revealed the fact, that it is just a beginning. Developers are working in every dimension, which is near to impossible, to make it actually possible. All this exciting stuff always fascinated us in Science Fiction movies; I never thought that it would become the part of the reality. The future certainly, is holding many surprises for us.