Academia, Government or Industry? Which Is Right for You?

Even if the competition to find job is becoming very aggressive, many Ph.D. were find jobs eventually in universities, administration in government sector and biochemical and technology industries. But they vary with different things like difference in their salary, packages, increments, opportunities, rewards and health security.

Most life scientist pick their career despite of having much acknowledge of that field. That’s why it is useful to know the difference and similarities of academic, government, and industry jobs before you take any move in your career.


Students who have complete their higher education like Ph.D. in the discipline of life science are actually being trained for educational jobs and as we know it is a very holy occupation.

Occupation gives you an excess of job and business opportunity like incentives, bonus and also a job security for long life. On other side the educational responsibility of faculty members that they also worked as mentor, give their decision to Assignment Writing the higher advisory board and also start their own business. Also a life of such people is inspiring, but actually this is not an easy job it takes lot of your blood and tears. And also not for the cowards.

Salaries for tenure track positions have improved over the past decade. Starting salaries for an assistant professor can be $70−$85K; for an associate professor, $85−$100K; and for a full professor, $110K to over $200K. Healthcare and retirement benefits (pension/401k) for tenured faculty members are comprehensive and usually generous.

Now a days a wide range of candidates looking for such jobs appointments in the U.S. so for that many Ph.D.’s have been required to receive such positions, addition faculty appointments, or part-time, contract research jobs are also searched. But unluckily the salaries of such job are not very well enough, no good incentives and a job security.


The decrease number of educational occupation position has been encourage by different Ph.D. scientist to join hand to work with U.S government. There are different number of companies who hire life scientist like institute of national health, department of agriculture, defense department, department of energy and much more.

On the other side university is also required a lot of their time management and full concentration but the government jobs are not very hectic, during of work is also less and they just go five days in a week, total hours they spend per week in office is just 40 hours. According to them scientist who are determine and able to achieve their goals should find a government job.

The salaries of government employment is range from 65k to 70k in a very basic level to 180k for old employees. We can say that government employee have more benefits like healthcare benefits and retirement benefits and they are more established then other private companies employees.

Career opportunity for government employee is good but for upgrade or promotion point of view it is very slow the reason behind the senior person do not leave their seats unless they retire. Also government jobs do not are open and appear for all person eyes as academic jobs. There is also hard to appoint as a scientist in the government sector.

Also government employee were also safe from firing, they complete their service year without any difficulty.


A U.S has force the people to make their career on biotechnology and pharma industry. As in the past these companies do not advertise any job but now the last decade new job opportunity has introduce which include activities are medical communications, field application sciences, clinical research, and medical affairs. In all these field job they required an expert, candidate who pass different steps are close to hiring.

Timing in large firms are 9-5 and five days in a week and for small firm depend upon their work sometimes may be longer. Also upgrade depend upon when you achieve a particular goal which is set by your leader.

Here the basic level is much higher than the government and academia which is about 85k to 100k. Same as the more senior person salaries can be vary from 150k to 200k to 300k which is salary of the president. Bonus and other benefits are same as the industry which is vary from 10 to 30 %. Health and retirement advantage most companies do and also offer different discount and run loan program that is not exist in government and academia.

Security in pharma and biotechnology jobs is now become stable after the crises and merging with different small and large industry. Now there is a requirement of employees in a clinical and medical fields.

Bottom Line

Decision for taking correct path in not very easy, and we cannot also make it quickly without knowing the facts and figure and proper details. It is suggested that built your career option in the early stages of your graduation which helpful to learn and adopt that skills which is useful for your future to build our career.