Make your Elderly Parents Happy with these 6 Tips

If you’re eager to improve the quality of life of your elderly parents, it is crucial to get in their shoes. Think about their biggest challenges and needs, find enough time for them, listen, feel, and they’ll know to appreciate that. One of the biggest problems seniors can stumble upon is most certainly loneliness. Their friends are also old, sick or even dead, and chances for socialization are getting lower as time goes by. Fortunately, your parents have you, and your engagement can really improve their lives and make them very happy.

Don’t forget your parents

Keep in mind that you are the most important person in your parents’ lives, so don’t ever avoid contacting them. It is crucial to talk and visit them frequently. Your few hours will mean so much to them, so go ahead and surprise them anytime you can. Don’t be focused just on birthdays, anniversaries and holidays: next Wednesday will be good. Your folks wouldn’t mind to hear about your life, and to share their feelings with you. Even if they don’t really need your help, give your best to maintain frequent contact.

Make a visit rather than a Call

Yes, talking to your parents over the phone is a great option to catch up quickly. On the other side, you can’t hug your mom using the smartphone. If you are living in another city, or your budget is thin at the moment, so you can’t travel that often, feel free to call the technology for help. Use Skype or any other video call platform and speak to your parents on regular basis. In case they are difficult people, and this can be very common with seniors, keep your calls short, but still make them regular.

Look for senior Centers

If your aging folks are living in an urban or suburban area, make sure to search for good senior centers where they can meet new people and engage in various social activities. In these places, your parents will have the opportunity to get entertained and play a bunch of social games such as bingo and chess. Of course, your parent might be one of those people that don’t like to mingle with others. If that is the case, do whatever you can to make them even try: organize transportation, describe the place in detail, be funny, whatever works.

Take your folks to event they might Enjoy

You know your parents very well, and you can guess which event they want to attend. Take them to a concert, community festival, theater, comedy night, or whatever they prefer. Don’t forget you’re doing this just for their happiness and pleasure. It would be great if you can manage to go with them. This way, they’ll both socialize and spend some quality time with you. Go ahead and search for upcoming events near your parents’ home. Feel free to use one of the specialized websites such as Senior Services aged care, and find the right content.

Sit down and Listen

Showing up with groceries and clean clothes won’t be enough. It is much better to really spend some quality time with your aging parents. Once you arrive at their home, make sure to talk with them for a while. They will like to hear you out, and maybe give you a piece of advice. That simple routine will keep them mentally active and involved in your life. As mentioned above, your happiness is their happiness, so go ahead and share. Once you’re done, ask them about their feelings and thoughts.

Find some help

Of course, your job and your family will consume most of your time, so you won’t be in a position to visit your folks every day. Because of that, feel free to hire an experienced geriatric care manager in order to visit and check if your parents need anything. It would be great to find a happy, spirited person who will engage in lively communication with your folks, and maybe organize some interesting events to attend. Professional caregivers communicate with each other, and that’s the reason why they can provide seniors with plenty socialization opportunities.

Final thoughts

Keep in mind that your elderly parents still have their emotional life going on, and you should provide them with some empathy. Try to understand their needs, and do your best to meet most of them. Treat your elderly parents with respect and try to learn from them. If you manage to spend enough time with them, you may be surprised by their wisdom and knowledge.