How to Track your Kids Activity and Location?

FamiSafe parental control app is the most reliable controlling app for children. This app helps the parent in controlling the real-time location of your child and even detecting the location timeline history of your child. Most of the kids that are of age 3 and more now have their tablets and therefore parents should have and an eye on their kid’s device. This may be also a reason for cultivating good digital habits in children from a very young age. This app easily helps you to cultivate and find a balance and create healthy digital habits.

Unique features of FamiSafe Parental Control App

1. The unique features of the FamiSafe parental control app involve the Location history checking by the parents and even knowing the history timeline of location by the parents.

2. This is the best app when your kids get lost in an unfamiliar place. If your child Does not know the path to home or the place that you desire to come then you may help them in setting up the boundaries by making geo fences.

3. No stranger can now take your child to dangerous places because you know every Route followed by your children to reach a certain place.

4. The parents are now not worried about the children leaving their classes and schools privately. Without getting the permission of the parents leaving the school must not be considered good. You can easily know where are your loved ones.

The necessity of a Location Tracking App

1. You can easily know the Real-time location of your child by location tracker and you can even know the current location of your kid. You now can you stop calling your kids about where are they at a particular time.

2. You can easily grasp the kid’s real-time location at any time and it does not matter about the place where the parents are at now.

3. You can easily check out whether your kids our school or at home or whether they are required place which is permitted by you.

4. You can easily know if the kids go to strange places without getting into your knowledge.

Setting up the Safe Geo fences by the Parents

This provides a special feature of creating the Geo fences by the parents. geofencing maybe the boundaries that are set by the parents for the children like school or home or around the specific locations. If the kids break the plan routine by their parents then their parents get an instant message alert.

The parents can now set up the scope for their kid’s activities. The time ranges could also be set by using a geofencing system and when this managed plan is disturbed by any condition done the parents receive an alert message instantly.

Getting Started the FamiSafe Parental App in only 3 Step

Step 1 – Register an account on the website or via the app. The app is ready to be installed from Google Play Store, Apple Store, and Amazon.

Step 2 – After installing the application you have to make sure the filling up of all details in both the devices that is the device of the kid and the device of the parent. The device may be the Android, us, fire OS, and even personal computers or Mac devices.

Step 3 – Complete the online screen details that are required by the application and therefore completing setup on both the devices gives you the application working properly with all the features of it.


Premium Plans set by the FamiSafe Parental Control App

The best value plan provided by the FamiSafe parental control app is annual, Course about nearly $4.99 per month and gives you the right to protect up to 30 devices with all the features.

The second value plan must be an off quarterly plan that costs about $6.6 per month and can even help connected 10 devices which you can protect with the primary device.

The 3rd value plan is the monthly plan that costs $9.99 per month and this allows you to protect up to 5 devices with all the features of the application.

Conclusion about the Location Tracking App

You can easily get knowledge of the location of your kids. Since this is a digital age, and the kids are grown up now they want to become more independent and explore the world by themselves. Need not the parents to support them and they just want to have fun with their friends. But parents find it very difficult for them to leave their child in some unsafe and strange places. Parents can use the location tracking app where they want to go with their children. This app has even got the awards of the seal of approval from the national parenting centre and mom’s choice award has given them the award as honouring excellence.