Things to notice While Choosing Tutoring Service for your Child

It became a common practice, for years now, to parents hiring best Tutoring Service for their children. Of course, for children, having a tutor is embarrassing because it makes them looks academically weak. But truth is, tutors are not only for children who are failing in class, they are also being hired by parents to maintain their child’s good grades, or simply, assist their child on his/her homework since they cannot do it due to their busy schedule at work. But there is one thing that parents often forgot to do before hiring a tutor, and that is assessing their child. With this assessment, parents will be aware of the level of their child’s need or on the subjects that their child need to improve more (e.g. if the child is bad in math, they can hire a Maths tutor who is specialized in teaching math, and so on with the other subjects).

How to find a Reliable tutor for your Child?

After the assessment, that is the time parents can start the search. Here are the tips on how to find the best tutoring service for your Child:

Find a best Tutoring Service

The first thing to do is look for the best places to find a tutor. And the ideal place to first look at is the child’s school. Usually, schools provide a tutoring service to their students. This is a better option because parents will be assured about their child’s safety since the tutoring session will be held in the school. If the school doesn’t offer any, parents could ask their family, friends, and work colleagues for a recommendation; or search online.

Check Tutor Credentials

Once parents found a desirable tutor, they could start inquiring and asks questions about the tutor credentials, educational background, and experience. Though tutors don’t require to have a license, it still important for parents to check if the tutor has teaching experience based on the subject he/she will about to teach, and in teaching kids that have the same age as your child. Also, ask the tutor the exact strategy or method of teaching that he/she will use to help their child. Parents can determine how well-versed the tutor based on his/her answer.

Personality check

It’s important to hire a tutor who has a personality same or close to their child’s personality which is patience and has a friendly approach. Their only difference is the tutor should still be authoritative. This approach will give parents assurance that their child will easily get comfortable with the tutor. However, showing a pleasing personality to the parents doesn’t necessary means that the tutor will have the same treatment to their child. To ensure the tutor is consistent on having a good personality is to sit down on one of the session. This will also let parents see if their child cooperates well with the tutor, or if the tutor is effective to their child.


Look for the tutor review from previous students. If the tutoring services have a website, look for it and their social media accounts as well for reviews. One to two poor reviews are still acceptable, but if they have more than that, it’s best for parents to find someone else to hire. But if they don’t have websites or any social media accounts, parents can ask other parents from their child’s school or neighbor.

Ask for their Services Pricing

I listed this on the last part because the cost shouldn’t be the major factor in hiring a tutor. There are tutors that provide expensive services, but it doesn’t automatically mean that they also provide high-quality service. The cost of tutoring service should always be equal to its quality.

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