Roadside assistance to Toys 7 Tips for safety Road trip with Toddler

Road trips might make some people wince, but how will it be when you have to take a road trip with a toddler. Thoughts of having a road trip with toddler can be daunting especially with young children. It can be tough to have them occupied. Most people believe that taking a long ride with a toddler can be a nightmare. However, that should not be the case. A road trip when, a toddler is in a tow can be less expensive and fun. The tips below will ensure that you are always safe, enjoy the time and keep sanity intact.

1. Have your car prepared for the road trip

Most of the time during the road trip, you will be in your car, and therefore, you should make sure that it is in the best shape. You can never know what can happen on a road trip, so avoid putting it off. Your windshield wipers should be replaced to avoid being in trouble during a downpour. Also, coolant should be replaced to avoid being stranded with an overheated engine. You can get a rental car if your car cannot handle long trips.

2. Ensure that there is roadside assistance

It might seem unnecessary expense to have a roadside assistance, but it is crucial to have one. When getting a standalone plan, ensure that it covers you. Maybe it is included in your cell phone or auto insurance plan. Some wholesale clubs such as Sam’s and Costco provide roadside benefits in their membership.

Ensure that the plan you get covers the nightmares experienced during road trips such as fixing a flat tire, unlocking a car when you forget the keys inside the car or towing your vehicle for service.

3. Never leave a toddler alone inside the car

There has been news of children being left alone in a hot car and their parents usually regret. Some circumstances may make a parent to leave a child briefly in a car, but being safe is better than being sorry. Within seconds, someone can break in and take a child, and it can take a little warm to heat a car to dangerous temperatures.

4. Take a toddler’s car seat for inspection

Inspecting a child’s car seat is crucial just like inspecting the car. A technician who specialized in child passenger safety will check the seat if it’s installed correctly and if it is in good shape.

The inspection will equip you with free education. Not only will the technician install the seat but also offer useful tips and how to install the seat right.

You can either use a booster seat or car seat depending on the child’s size and age. Unfortunately, no booster seat can fit any child. Different states or countries require parents to have certain seats. Getting the best booster car seat is simple as you can check on the legal requirements and consider your needs.

5. Ensure that your child is correctly seated in the car seat

When the car has been inspected, ensure that it stays that way. Sometimes parents are tempted to turn the seats around to see what their child is doing. Some parents might also want to put their child in the front seat for easy reach and when you want to give snacks or toys. It might be tempting, but that should never be done.
Recent studies have shown that toddlers are about five times safe when they remain rear-facing up to 2 years old.

6. Have a first aid kit close

Accidents can happen anytime, and you should be ready for splinters, scraped knees, bumps, allergic reactions, bites, sunburns, bruises or stings. Accidents do happen unexpectedly, and you should be prepared for anything. Also, it cannot be a bad idea to brush up on CPR and first aid skills if it has been long since you last did it.

7. Toys should be close

Most parents prioritize making their child entertained and happy, and it can be unsafe for a driver to do so as they have to keep hands on the wheel and their eyes on the road. Keeping books, toys and snacks close to your child will help you with that.

Your child should do more for themselves, and both of you will be happy and safe. There are many backseat organizers and you can get one to ease on the issue of child reach what they want. You can get an over-the-seat organizer, but your child might not reach it if he/she is properly strapped. You can also get the ones that fit right next to the seat of your child.

Books and toys help in passing the time and keeping your child occupied, but with time, the child will lose interest in the toys. You can add some fun music CDs. You can also sing. For a car with a satellite radio, there are kid stations for your kid.

Usually, the screen time for your child should be limited. A DVD player should be used to keep your child occupied for some time. If you have a DVD player, search for something fun, appropriate and educational.


These tips will ensure that your child is safe all through the journey. Therefore, going on a road trip with a toddler cannot be that hard if the tips are followed. It is worth noting that, you will need other things such as strollers, wipes, blankets, clothes, etc. Getting the best stroller for toddlers will depend on safety, usage, comfort and number of children.