5 Things you must Do Before Stepping into Affiliate Marketing

If someone is looking to monetize their blog, one should always opt for Affiliate Marketing for bloggers as it is the best method of doing so. Blogs with quality content convinces loyal readers. Since readers benefit from the content offered, they grow to connect with the authors of that content over a period. Therefore, a blog post is a logical place to promote applicable products and services without giving up the quality of the content.

Here are four proven methods for Affiliate Marketing for bloggers to monetize their blogs:

1. Choose Admissible Affiliate Programs

Affiliate ads pay for each action taken, which leads to the face that readers will need to go to the ad and then do as instructed, for an example to register, to sign-up or to make a purchase before you get paid for the action. Therefore, the more relevant the ad is to your content, the higher possibility that visitors will click on the ad and take the desired action.

So, the question arises is what type of affiliate program for bloggers will result to the most relevant ads for a certain blog? If your blog is focused on a topic, you will want to join affiliates specifically related with your content. For example, if you have a food blog, you might apply to be an affiliate with an online grocery dealer.

2. Consider an Affiliate Aggregator Service

If your blog topics are diverse and is not constraint to any one topic, you might consider a program that provides aggregator services which automates access to thousands of affiliate programs and monetizes the links on your site for you.

For example, if a blogger is writing about a new pair of shoes they found on Myntra, instead of having to sign up with the Myntra affiliate program directly, they can work with any aggregator service, which will automatically assign the affiliate code to the link and pay the blogger their earned commissions. However, the aggregator services are chargeable and takes some part of the earned profit from the bloggers.

Experts note that while any blogger can try aggregator services, bloggers will reap the fruit of success if their content is good and intended toward commerce.

For example, it’s very natural that fashion, hobbies, deals, tech-gear and savings are all topics that naturally lead to spending while religion, food, raising children are less ideal for money making.

3. Know your Audience

This is something that you must have already done, if not then get to know your audience now. Know who is there on your blog and what they want. Know what are they searching for, what are their problems, this will help you to give a relevant value to your audience. By knowing the needs and intention of your audience you can create perfect landing page for them, resulting to higher conversion rates.

4. Create Content that intends to Sell

It is a fact that many bloggers actually write reviews of products while keeping affiliate marketing in mind. The power of a blog is that it’s easy to draw people who are already allured by your writing skills. This gives you an opportunity to recommend a product or a service and then provide the link of your recommendations. But once should keep in mind that just throwing out links to products with no rhyme or reason will result in a distrust of the visitors.

A blogger should write their content in such a way that the they think of affiliate ads as additional resources that complement their content. For an example. A mere putting up of a list of your favorite movies, hoping people will click on the affiliate link and purchase the DVDs just because you mentioned them as your personal favorite. Rather, take some time to write a detailed movie review, and use affiliate ads to guide them in the right direction if they intend to buy the DVDs.”

5. Integrate Affiliate Links Appropriately

It is widely suggested that if you do add affiliate links to your web site, make sure you maintain a harmonious balance between monetization and user experience.

To do what is suggested, one should make sure to keep their content Ad-free.

What is recommend to people is to think of 5-10 great pages that you could use to promote affiliate offers related to the nature of your blog. Apparently link to those money pages on your website’s footer, sidebar or somewhere else that will give them a lot of exposure from the other pages on your site. Keep the rest of your site ad-free. The goal is not to monetize every page, but to create a potential gateway to monetization on every page.