Tips for keeping your Children Safe as they Grow Older

As parents, it is up to us to guide our children through the world, and teach them all the things they do not know about. When they are small, it is easy to keep kids safe because they are mostly with us and we can hold and shield them from the world. As they grow older, children spend more and more time apart from their main protectors, their parents, and that is when things get a bit tricky. To keep your children safe at all times, read these tips that every parent and child should know:

Teach them about Emergencies

When children feel unsafe or they are not sure what to do in certain situations, it is important to teach them how to act when their parents are not around. To do so, you need to explain to your kids what is an emergency and how to act during such events. The most important tips in emergencies are screaming for help if an adult grabs a hold of them and teaching them how to call emergency phone numbers, like 911 if the situation is dangerous. You should also teach your children a family safety word they can use when they want you to come and get them. For instance, if they are at a friend’s home and they do not feel safe or they want to come home, teach your children to call you and say the safety word so you will know to come and take them home.

Tell them not to open the Front Door

Children are naturally trusting, but unfortunately, adults know that not every person is to be trusted. That is why you should teach your children never to open the front door to people they do not know. Teach them that close relatives are okay, but other people should not come in the house if you are away or upstairs. If a stranger approaches your home, tell your children to call you and not open to unfamiliar individuals.

Get to know the people in your Children’s Lives

As your children get older, they will have more adults in their lives, and it is important to get to know the truth about them. Teachers, tutors, neighbors – you should be certain that your children are safe around other adults. The best way to go about it is to run a check on the people who are a part of your children’s life with background check sites, like GoLookUp. By entering either the name, phone numbers, address, or email of an individual into the system, you will be able to find out what lies in their past, like their real name, aliases, criminal records, whether they are registered sex offenders, and more.

Teach your Children to open up to You

Children are often afraid or ashamed to talk to their parents about personal issues, like bullying, sexuality, and what they go through emotionally. Your child might be dealing with difficulties they do not know how to cope with, so you must encourage them to always trust you and talk to you about everything, even if it is uncomfortable. Keep the lines of communication open, be calm when speaking to your children and let them know that you, as a parent, are there to help them with everything and that there is nothing they can say that will make you look at them differently. When children feel comfortable with their parents, they will talk to them and reach a solution that can prevent things from escalating.

Instill the importance of physical Safety

As children grow older, they become more daring and push physical boundaries. You as a parent have a wider view and you know of the consequences of certain actions your child does not think about. To make sure your children avoid physical harm, teach them the basics of safety; wearing a helmet and guards, how to cross the street, how to swim, how to deal with wounds and anything else you can think about.
Watching children grow up is beautiful and difficult at the same time. Every parent worries about their children’s safety and how they will cope with the world. To make sure your kids are safe, there are certain things you can teach them and yourself so they can have the best future possible.