Use of Influencers to Partnership 5 affordable Dispensary Marketing Tricks

If you were to pick one of the most difficult commodities to market in this world, what would it be? Well, as a dispensary entrepreneur I am sure you would say Cannabis, right? It is true actually. The business of cannabis as a whole faces significant barriers in terms of advertising and creating awareness among buyers and medical organizations. Hence it is very difficult to create an effective marketing strategy that actually works for your brand. However, nowadays the miracle called “social media marketing” seems to have given the whole medical marijuana industry a new life in terms of marketing. Plus, almost 92% of patients who were under medical marijuana treatment for several different health issues reported a significant improvement in their symptoms. For all these reasons, the cannabis industry as a whole has been steadily growing and has started coming up with new innovative marketing tactics to reach out to users. So for all the new and struggling companies, here are 5 affordable dispensary Marketing Tricks to up your ante in marketing:

Create an Engaging Website and Blog

When you’re looking to Buy Weed Online, what is the first thing you do? You look up dispensaries and check out their websites to see if they know what they’re doing, right?

That’s precisely why your website and your blog need to be top notch. It has to have just the right information that marijuana users are looking for. And it has to be able to relate with them. Do some research, find what they need and provide just that.

Push them out Contents

Needless to say here, you need to push out your content through the social media. Make use of those friendly platforms to get to know your market better and the kind of situations that they must be going through. Post interesting and thought provoking content and spike up a discussion with your buyers. Interaction is extremely important here.

Brand Partnership

You can always reach out to well-known brands to increase both your exposure. It doesn’t cost much and for the same reason it is a very commonly used technique to discover new audiences. You can make use of several techniques for this including guest blog posts, shared email campaigns and social media takeovers. Make sure to be creative though.

Email Marketing

An old-fashioned way of marketing a product, email marketing works for dispensaries too. Make a database out of your patient buyers online, and send out interesting deals, discounts, invites to product launches and events etc. through email. Add some personalization elements too, because it has been found that it can increase both open rates and conversion rates by more than 10%.

Make use of Influencers

Just like brand partnerships, you can partner with effective health and wellness as well as lifestyles bloggers and influencers to promote your brand and have them endorse it. That is a much more effective alternative to promoting your products through actual advertising, because it plays on follower trust and user experience, both of which have already been established by the influencer.

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