Up your PR Game by following these 5 Practices

Public relations is critical to the growth of an agency. It’s how the public or general audience you’re targeting views you. It is the link between the world inside an agency and the world surrounding it. A good PR team can make an ordinary agency look world class. It can portray an ordinary snap as a great picture. The communications industry is undergoing massive changes and it helps to stay on top of these, especially if you want to be the best PR agency. This is why we have taken it upon ourselves to list down 5 best practices so that you can become the best PR agency in Mumbai.

1. Analyse the trends

It helps to stay in touch with the market trends. Follow the trends and see what might work for you. For example, press releases are sliding down to a slow death. If you know anything about the industry you’d know that the press releases are slowly losing their ability to grip the audience. Knowing this you can focus less on press releases and more on what is relevant and what works in the market.

2. Use dark social influence

It is not only necessary to have a social presence, it is also important to understand the effect it has on your audience and gauge the metrics. While it is easier to use social media tools like Social rank, Buffer, Sumo to identify social media influence to and monitor performance, it is more difficult to track Dark social – the communication by text, email, messaging, Whatsapp and so on. These channels are where the majority of communication takes place and it is important to build and engage your audience on these channels. This will broaden the metrics you rely on and help you gauge whether your efforts are effective.

3. Build trust through curated Contents

The biggest challenge facing PR is a lack of trust and respect for national media ‘experts’. If you want to be one of the leading digital marketing agencies, you need to build trust and respect from the audience you’re targeting. With the advent of Social Media, news has become fragmented and there has been a loss of credibility for PR. Reverse this trend by using carefully curated content that enhances your reputation and establishes credibility.

4. Get noticed on Social Media

Social media has become a key source of managing brand reputations recently. Channels like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are growing popular by the day and have become important tools for communication. We advise you to build a presence on these platforms and use these for communicating to consumers on these platforms. Tier 2 and tier 3 stories can be told on them and judging by their reception, you might also look at telling Tier 1 stories. What is important is to develop a good reputation on these channels and use it as an alternative channel for furthering your communication agenda.

5. Enter the world of AI

AI is coming and it will change the world as we know it. The main advantage of integrating AI into your PR is the use of predictive analysis. A company using predictive analysis will tell you what the company needs, when and where based on solid research and data mining. This will help in reducing the costs significantly and provide an advantage in customer service over a company which does not use data based decisions but simply guesses what its next step should be. You may use intelligent chatbots in conversations with media relations and AI to develop and create new strategies to implement. The key is to predict the future and use it to your advantage.

These 5 practices are sure to up your PR game and improve your company’s standing amongst your targeted audience. PR is most fast-paced than ever and to build a strategy that works well, you must put in your research time and look at implementing these strategies because if we do, you will blaze a new trial in the pathways of PR.