Are there any Good Resume writing Services?

Writing a resume is a propositional essay. Every sentence in your resume needs to be written closely around the target position. If your resume is written like this, it is reasonable to have few interview opportunities.

Classmate A, the job-seeking intention is to design a position, and the relevant experience throughout the article is the name of the 7-character training class. In the experience section, tutors and shop assistants were written, accounting for 40% of the page.

Classmate B, the job-seeking intention is an administrative commissioner, and the administrative commissioner has only four lines of work experience, and each line does not exceed 20 words.

Before Writing your Resume things to Consider

  • Read the recruitment requirements three times.
  • Quickly mark out the keywords.
  • Write your resume according to the requirements.

If you still don’t know where to write after reading the job requirements, I suggest you translate them into individual requirements. Then divide them according to the degree of focus.

Now, let’s try to translate this.

According to the characteristics of new media operation positions given by cheap resume writing services, I use the number of stars to mark their importance. The ones marked with five stars and four stars are what you should focus on in your resume.

1. Write the Internship experience using the PAR rule to Write

The PAR rule is suitable for students who have relevant experience, especially those who have participated in large projects. The content of the page is written more. It can help you quickly sort out your ideas and better express the value you can bring to employers in your resume.

Because the project itself is complex, many students will write a lot. But accidentally became a counter-example,

The following experience job-seeking intent is to translate:

This resume has too many words and no focus, and I cannot understand your work content and abilities quickly.

Any HR who sees such a resume will pass it without hesitation, which is why many people always feel that they have done many things, but their resumes can’t pass. Modify it with the par rule, that is, the description formula of the relevant experience is P (company/job/project), A (personal work) Result (personal achievement). Use this formula to write your resume.

P — Title: Translator

A—Interpretation R—Accurate translation

A—translation R—error-free

This resume is convenient for HR to know within 30 seconds that you have made interpretation and written translation in the crew, and the errors are very small.

Secondly, compared with the original text, the text is compressed to 100 words, the readability is greatly increased, and the logic and organization are greatly increased.

Who doesn’t like a resume like this?

Many students on cheap resume writing services are programmers, and the PAR rule is applied to give a programmer’s experience template:

P — Position: responsible for projects and positions

A—Product design, system interface

R – mastered the language and skills.

Written this way, even a complex project can be explained in a few sentences. This way of writing shows your ability through the complexity of the project. The higher the complexity and level of the project, the more complex the things you want to accomplish, and your experience is recognized, and the credibility is higher.

To help you write your experience well, here are two more formulas:

Project description formula: project level + main module + project goal. By using this formula to write a project description, even HR, who does not understand technology, can understand the project’s complexity.

“Using Axure to implement the Design Student System Module Interface” in the example.

“Using a programming language to implement a student system interface.”

Project Responsibility Formula – What technology to use and what function to complete, this is very organized, and it is also convenient for laypeople to understand your capabilities quickly.

To summarize, here are considerations for applying the various parts of the PAR Law:

Use participation and responsibility to describe your responsibilities clearly, write more personal responsibility and less participation. Highlight your role in the organization. If it is a technical position, it can be seen from the perspective of which skills are learned. Which tasks are completed, and which recognition is obtained.

It is also necessary to pay attention to one point, not simply to say what knowledge you have mastered; it is the student’s thinking, but what is accomplished by using the knowledge, which is what enterprises value. 11 Words And Phrases To Avoid In Resume the STAR rule in there.

2. Indirect experience, written using the STAR rule.

Suppose you say you have no relevant experience and have only done a little thing in a short period, but you can also have a little relationship with the target position, for example. In that case, the requirement is to be operated by the official account, and you have experience in writing copywriting; how should you write it? This is an indirect experience, and there are ways to continue.

The SATR rule is a way of telling your story or a clear, organized essay template. No matter what, if you use this rule reasonably and skillfully. You can easily describe the logical way of things to the interviewer and show the clarity, order, and logic of your analysis and elaboration of the problem.

The SATR rule is especially useful for writing short-term experiences. The characteristic is to see the big from the small and to reflect the personal ability from the little things. The four competencies that can be used in each position are learning ability, communication ability, teamwork, and pressure resistance.