Resources to use to Stop Plagiarism in Academic Writing

In academic writing, plagiarism is considered a grave mistake. However, most students do not know what to do once they complete their work. As such, they end up being victims of plagiarism. The paraphrase tool online is one of the wonders that has aided many students in their work. However, some machines will identify the plagiarized sections and let you correct them. So which tools can assist us when it comes to Stop Plagiarism?

To understand the function of the tools, we first need to know what it means to plagiarize work. The most common form of piracy is using texts by other authors in your work without giving them credit. It is an error made by many students.

To avoid the mistake, rewording sentences is employed by most people. It is simple and easy to use. A paraphrased sentence, regardless of whether the meaning remains the same or not, cannot be considered as plagiarized.

Substitutes to paraphrase tool online

1. Grammarly

It is the most popular tool used to check for plagiarism by students. It is simple to use, making it the preferred tool for most. It has an advantage in that you get a free trial period, and in some instances, the app is free.

You, however, have to pay additional charges if you want to go premium. It has a simple interface and is quite easy to use.

2. Turnitin

It is a site highly recommended for students. It uses a cloud-based system to help identify sections within a student’s text that could be plagiarized and highlights them. As such, it ensures complete academic integrity for the students’ works.

However, there is a restriction on the database to only what is online; you cannot reference the rest.

3. WriteCheck

It is not only used as a plagiarism checker but also offers the additional service of checking for grammatical errors. As such, many academic writers like it. It checks for plagiarism within the text, highlighting the areas that need correction.

It also uses the same database as Turnitin to crosscheck for plagiarism.

Alternatives to rewording sentences

Other tools work differently from just checking for plagiarism, and they help you to cite your work. As such, you cannot be a perpetrator of piracy.

4. Mendeley

It is an online platform that suits all academic writers. You can search all documents and references as you write your work. It generates bibliographies and citations in any style of your choice. It is quite easy to use.

Furthermore, it offers you a platform to interact with other people to help you create collaborative work.

5. Zotero

The selling point for the tool is that it is entirely free. It helps you to collect and analyze research information on different topics and also allows you to share the news. When you consult a source, it interacts with the platform and extracts information that it saves for bibliographical purposes.

Is rewording sentences the only way to Stop Plagiarism?

Rewording sentences is regarded as the best way to Stop Plagiarism, as it enables you to lay claim to the work you submit. However, in other cases, citing the source of the work is a better alternative, especially in scientific research. It helps in strengthening the credibility of your scientific research.

Alternatively, you can seek permission from the original authors, which to be honest, is quite tricky. As such, citation and paraphrasing are considered the best options when it comes to Stop Plagiarism.

Final take on paraphrase tool online

There are many free tools, but to get the best results, you need to pay for some services.