Interrogative Sentence Examples (Wh-questions and Yes/No questions)

Basically while we ask questions we use who, whom, where or when and the another type of way to ask questions are Yes or No. In this lesson let you go through some Interrogative Sentence Examples.

There are two ways to ask a question:

  • Wh-questions
  • Yes/No questions


Wh-questions are formed with wh-words like who, whose, whom, what, why, when etc. Wh-question form is used when answer to a part of the sentence is required.

Yes/No Questions

Yes-No questions are formed by the inversion of position of auxiliary and subject in a sentence Yes/No form is used when answer to the entire statement is required.


There are three kinds of interrogatives.

  • Interrogative Pronouns. (Who, Whose, What, Which)
  • Interrogative Adjectives (What, Which)
  • Interrogative Adverbs (When, Where, Why, how, how long, how often, how far etc.)


  • Who applies only to persons.
  • Who is your principal?
  • Who took my pen?
  • Whom is also used for persons but only in formal writings. In ordinary conversation who is used in stead of whom.
  • Whom/Who did Jayant go with?
  • Whom/Who do you work for?


  • What applies to both persons and things.
  • What is applied to a person when we ask questions about his or her profession or social status etc.
  • Who is she ? She is Mrs. Kanta Nayar.
  • What is she ? She is a doctor.
  • Which like what applies to both person and thing.
  • But it is used when we are more selective.
  • Who broke the glass ? (general inquiry)
  • What colour do you like best ? (general inquiry)
  • Which of these colours do you like best ? (Selective inquiry, choice is limited).


  • Why is used to ask question about reason.
  • Why are you late ? (What’s the reason of your being late)
  • When is used to ask question about at what time.
  • When will you return home ?
  • Where is used to ask question about what place.
  • Where have you come from?
  • I am from Berhampur.
  • Where do you live?
  • I live in Kashmir.
  • How is used to ask question about what way a thing is done.
  • How do you visit Puri?
  • I visit Puri once in a year.
  • How soon can you finish your work?
  • I can finish it in half an hour.

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