Specifications to Consider while purchasing a Curly Hair Dryer

With the rise of new technologies, life has become easier. Now, styling with curly hair is fun as there are a wide array of features available in today’s specialized hair dryers for curly hair. But often we end up purchasing a hair dryer that doesn’t match our expectations. That’s because we generally don’t take enough time to consider and understand all the specifications, features and their benefits.

You need to take a lot of factors like wattage, heat option, temperature, weight, price into consideration while purchasing a curly hair dryer. To assist you in picking the right one as per your requirements, here we present a buying guide for you:

Drying Time

How quickly the drier can dry your hair is of crucial importance. Because of excessive heat damages hair. The stronger airflow the dryer can produce, the quicker the drying process would be. To achieve this, you will need a powerful motor. Especially, if you have extremely thick hair, you must check for this feature.

Variable Settings

The more heat and speed setting your hair dryer includes, the better the performance would be. A standard hair dryer has at least two heat settings. Curly hair calls for different heat and speed to work best. Choose a hair dryer that provides more option so that you may choose according to your need.


Noise may not affect your hair directly, but it does affect the functionality of the dryer. While drying hair, certainly you won’t like loud noise near your ear. The best hair dryers don’t make disturbing noise. So, keep this point in mind while purchasing one.

Ionic Technology

This revolutionary technology is very much effective for curly hair as it helps to prevent frizz and tangling and gives a sleek and smooth finish. The hair dryers that include this technology are charged with a negative ion to prevent damage while blowing the hair.

Cold Air Setting

This feature is very helpful to protect your hair from unnecessary heat. When you don’t need drying your hair and using it for styling, you can use the cold setting which will ensure your hair is protected from excessive heat.

Weight of the Dryer

The weight of the hair dryer is also an important factor. When your hair is curly, long and thicker, this factor becomes more necessary as you will be using the dryer for longer at a stretch. That’s why try to look for one that is lightweight and weight is evenly distributed. If the handle is curved and lightweight, it becomes comfortable to grip and use.

Cord Length

Some dryers have a smaller cord which is troublesome if you don’t have an electric connection nearby. So, make sure the cord length is sufficient for any situation.


If you travel a lot, this feature will be beneficiary for you. Compact, lightweight and one with folding handle ease the transportation.

Price Range

Like any other product, the price is an important consideration while purchasing a specialized curly hair dryer. Obviously, few extra bucks bring some extra benefits. But if you compare different manufacturer which produces the same quality products, definitely you would find something in a reasonable price.

However, if you keep these above-mentioned factors in mind while purchasing, you would definitely find the best hair dryer for your curly hair. You can also visit choosewiserly to know more about curly hair products.