10 Things you need to Know about getting Scholarships

There are several scholarships available everywhere, and it is not necessary prove all of them that you are one highly academically gifted candidate on the planet earth. However, they are most competitive. Thus, how will you ensure that you get scholarships like Benjy Grinberg Rostrum, AWS William B. Howell etc. you deserve and what are things to know about it?

Applying to the right scholarships take a little time, it is a kind of investment worth every effort! Before you start applying for the scholarships or before you find the right scholarships search—you will have to get some things in order. Here we have given top 10 things that will help you put the right foot ahead.

1. Start a bit Early

Do you know there are many scholarships you may apply before you even enter your high school? It is true! Most of the students make such mistake of waiting till senior year to begin searching for & applying to the scholarships. In order, to improve your odds of winning the scholarship, begin your search as early as possible. There are some scholarships that are open to the students in their elementary school.

2. Apply to all the scholarship you are eligible

Yes, this may take a little time. It is free money! You just have to make the list of scholarships that you are qualified for. Make sure you double-check the right documents and prove your worth, and get somebody to go through the supporting essay. It is always right to get a point of view of somebody else.

3. Stay away from scams

There’s not anything as ‘guaranteed scholarship’. You do not need to pay application fee for the scholarship. Unluckily, some fake scholarship companies may just take away your money & disappear.

4. Search locally

There are organizations that offer local scholarships will just share the information with the high schools and community organizations in an area. Students must have a word with the school counsellor & ask for any local scholarship opportunities. As these organizations need applicants who are living in a local area, and students have higher odds of winning the scholarship opportunities.

5. Give time

You have to know your finances 18 months before starting the course. However, when you are accepted on a course, you just have the short time where you may apply for the course-specific scholarship. Thus, never miss the deadline; stay in touch with your counsellor & in University’s office.

6. Go beyond grades

You do not require higher grades to qualify for the scholarships. Actually, some scholarships do not take grades in account. It is very important you find a right way to be different from others on the applications. So, before you begin filling out your forms, think what makes you qualified & deserving of the scholarship.

7. Reuse scholarship applications and save time

Organizations that offer scholarship generally tend to ask the same questions. Students will have to take their previous scholarship essays & modify it a little to fit the requirements of the future scholarship applications. Most of the scholarship applications need students to list the volunteer & leadership experiences.

8. Practice scholarship interview

There are some scholarships that need a face-to-face interview. Being the good interviewee takes a little time, thus practice answering the questions about yourself, your interests, your achievements, and other important things.

9. You can’t win all

The scholarships take a lot of work. You have to put in several hours every month submitting the applications, but that does not mean you can win all of them, even though you narrow down the list. It can take 20 to 45 application rejections before winning it. Does it mean scholarships are not worth any effort? No. Do not get discouraged when you do not win. Go this way and you will be rewarded.

10. Writing good essay

Lots of students stay away from the scholarships that need essays, but the well-written essay will be your ticket for standing out from others in the line. Suppose you do not have good writing skills, think of working with the advisor or take a writing workshop that will help you we develop the memorable essay that is one best practice for the college applications.


To earn scholarships, make sure you give a lot of time and research all your options, do thoughtful applications, as well as take help of the people at your school and community for extra support.