Gonorrhea Symptoms in Men and Women – Treatment for Gonorrhea (STD)

There are so many illnesses that make people so worry. One of them is the fact that there are quite many STD or sexually transmitted disease. Gonorrhea infection is one of sexually transmitted diseases. This article will be describing all the things about Gonorrhea Symptoms, prevention & treatment for Gonorrhea infection.

What is Gonorrhea Infection?

The first thing we will discuss is about the definition of this Gonorrhea infection. As mentioned in the previous paragraph, this infection is categorized as a Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD). The cause of this infection is bacteria named Neisseria gonorrhea. It is quite the same with the Chlamydia infection, this infection is also spread or passed from one person to another through sexual contact. It can be through the vagina, oral and anal intercourse.

It will lead to infection in your urethra or urine tube, cervix, vagina and also anus. Once you are infected this bacteria, you better get it treated because if you do not, it will lead to the higher risk in your reproductive system. That is why it is more serious in women. There are also cases that this gonorrhea infection spread to your other parts of body through the bloodstream. It will cause fever that is the characteristic rash and arthritis. If it attacks pregnant women, it is a must to get it treated because if not, the bacteria will spread to the childbirth, usually to the eyes of the child. It can cause gonococcal ophthalmia that is a severe eye infection in newborns.

Gonorrhea Symptoms

How can you know that you are infected Gonorrhea? There are several symptoms of Gonorrhea infection. There are some in women and men. We will describe the ones that happen in women. For your information, there are many women who have no symptoms at all. However, those who are infected may feel these symptoms.

  • The first symptom is that they may feel painful sexual intercourse. It is also possible for them to have fever and also yellow or green vaginal discharge.
  • Another symptom is vulvar swelling. Bleeding after intercourse is also possible to happen in women.
  • There are some of them who tend to vomit or feel abdominal pain. They will also experience painful or frequent urination.
  • The next symptom is related to anal. They will suffer from anal discharge, it is very painful and sometimes it is itchy and bleeding with passing bowel movements.

There are some other symptoms that are not really related to anal and the surrounding area. They are eye pain or eye discharge, sore throat, red and painful joints. It is very possible that you will have a difficulty in swallowing your food.

The next one is the symptoms in men. They tend to have urethral discharge that can be white, yellow or maybe green. It is also said that pain in the testicles or the scrotum is one of the symptoms. Another symptom seems similar to those happen in women, such as high frequent urination that is very painful, anal discharge that can be itchy, painful, and sometimes bleeding. Some things like eye pain, swollen painful joints and sore throat can happen too to them.

How to Prevent Gonorrhea Infection?

There are several things you need to know in order to be able to avoid this Gonorrhea infection. The first one is to avoid unimportant sexual activity, meaning that not having sex is one of the ways to reduce the possibility of you getting infected. However, it seems quite impossible to do so, so you better not do it with many people.

  • You also need to be careful in doing sex with people you just met. It will be better if you do not do that because you need to have sex with someone who is indeed uninfected this infection.
  • For your safety, you have to use condom when doing sexual contact.

If you are already infected, make sure to do your medication. During your medication, you better not have sex with anyone. After you are done with the medication, you still need to have yourself tested again to make sure that you are indeed treated perfectly. If you are positively infected, you have to be careful because it is very possible that your partner is also infected through yourself. So, make sure to tested and treat it.

Treatment for Gonorrhea

As promised, this article describes about the symptoms, prevention and the treatment of Gonorrhea infection. The last thing in this article is about the treatment. This is the very important thing people look forward because that is the reason why most people want to read this article. For the treatment, there is a very effective antibiotic treatment that is prescribed by doctors to treat the infection. It is antibiotic because the cause of this infection is bacteria. The antibiotic treatment is usually done in seven days, so during that period, you better not have any sexual activity until you are announced to be free from it. If it is quite severe, you need to stay in the hospital for more intense treatment. You are not allowed to treat yourself without any prescription from your doctor because that can be dangerous. If you are infected, you need to get your partner tested because there is a very high possibility that your partner get it passed from you through physical contact. Make sure to not do sexual activity until you are really treated.