Some Tips for Decorating Small rented House you are Living

Living in a rented house is always a challenge. Recently, I shifted to a rented studio apartment which was not so big. It was really difficult to manage all the stuff. A small home becomes over-crowded with your household items. It becomes so messy sometimes. So, the only option left with you is to organize your house stuff perfectly in order to make your house liveable. Also, you can have a quarterly cleaning program done in your home. I am happy to have found some solution for this common problem which I would like to share with you for your convenience.

Manage Daily Stuffs

We have hell number of items to keep on daily basis. Organizing them on everyday basis is very important. The better option is to keep three boxes at home as per your convenience. In the first box, you can keep your purse, keys of your vehicles and locks, Secondly, you can keep your daily wear cloths in another box for convenience and in the third box, and you can keep your pair of shoes. In the way, you can organize your daily needs items perfectly with ease.

Don’t keep your walls plain

Keeping your house walls plain indicates loneliness. The wall space can be utilized for different purposes. The small rugs on the walls are great option.

Big No to hanging items here and there

Don’t make your house clutter. Since the place is small. You need to keep your clothes in proper order. Hang them only on higher wall hooks only so that all the things look pleasant.

Put some paint on your Furniture

Rented If you want to give new look to your rented home without much expenditure, Repainting your furniture is good option. Always try to choose bright color for painting the furniture, but you may also choose some bold color to paint as per your liking.

Decorate your home with your Stuffs

Organize your stuff to decorate your home. If you have books to keep, you can opt to keep bookcase to organize them. You can keep some handicraft to make your home appealing.

Use curtains to hide Clutters

There are lot of stuff at home which is difficult to organize. One of the great options is to use curtains to hide that stuff. The different shape of curtains may be used to enhance ambience at home.

Use light weight Furniture

Light weight furniture can be easily placed anywhere at home as per the suitability of the space. The heavy weight furniture becomes immovable at home in case of any sudden requirement. So, avoid that as much as possible.

Use mirrors to add Depth

Mirrors are good option for brightening up the spaces. The mirrors need to be placed at the right spot to enhance ambience of the entire home.

Organize the entire House Perfectly

Organizing own home or rented home or both is always a challenge. Try to make all the things clutter free at home for your convenience. If all the things are placed perfectly, you would love to live there. You can add some good paintings or decorative items or antiques for making your home more liveable and special.