5 Android Apps to increase your Productivity While Working at Home

Time is money; time is the precious gift of nature. We all want to use it most constructively. But the fact is most of us struggle with time and our productivity. We all want to do more in less time. What if we tell you that you can achieve this landmark with some practical mobile applications? There are few Android Apps available that can take your productivity to another level. In this article, we shall share 5 Android Apps that can help you to stay more productive.

This does not make any matter if you work from home or your workplace. If you have a small-scale business or a well-known brand. Productivity is a must for all and everywhere. If you struggle to find suitable applications, then do not worry. We shall help you in this regard and give you the best applications.

How to Boost your Productivity while working from Home?

If you are serious about boosting your productivity, even sitting in your home. You can take the help of the internet. You can find many helpful productivity tools on various platforms with unique functionalities. So, it will depend on you and your nature that which applications you choose. But you should select those Android Apps that suit them best and are beneficial for you. Here we shall share five best that are handy and can help you be more productive and effective.


If you find it hard to manage your daily tasks and complete your deadlines. Then Todoist can be a handy option for you. The first app is Todoist, and you can find this app for iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, and web. This app will simplify your complex task and chop them down. This app will also remind you about the deadline for your tasks.

The interface of Todoist is very friendly user and to experience. With this app, you can set your projects and goals if you have vast and complex projects in the pipeline. You do not need to worry Todoist has many functionalities that can solve your problems. You can keep track of your projects with this app. And you can see the insights of the particular project if you are not good at managing different tasks at a time. Then Todoist is the suitable option for you. You can prioritize the specific functions with a closer deadline. So, you can quickly complete your tasks and deadlines as an app developer in California.


Now we move forward with another app that can boost your productivity. You must consider using Pocket, which is full of amazement. This app will certainly help you to the next level of your productivity. You can save your web pages to read them later on. This is great because sometimes, we leave behind a critical page. This is more likely to bookmark the pages. You can highlight the text while reading, and this is one good point of Pocket. You can underline an article thrice. You can use this app for continuous listening as well. If you want to know how much time will it take to read an article? Then Pocket has an option for this and will let you know. This app is only available for iOS and Android.


Now we have reached our 3rd app. If you plan to make some efficient habits and rituals. But you struggle to stay with your pan and focus. Then HabitHub is your perfect station. This app is quite similar to the idea of Seinfeld’s secret of productivity. You can see the statistical feedback and prizes on your performance with this app. You can track your entire perforce with HabitHub. The best thing about this app is that it gives data in the form of graphics. And this makes it more unique and appealing. So, you can be aware of your performance with this app.

If you are not an expert with dates and reminders. And feel it challenging to keep track of your performance and deadlines. Then HabitHub is useful for you, and you can receive daily reminders and task performance track as well. With this app, you can form your habit and get a daily reword for it. This will help to complete your goals and targets.


Email is the most professional and effective form of communication in today’s digital world. This takes a lot of effort and skills to maintain your emails and manage them. The more you maintain your emails, the more you can get productive with your tasks. Spark is an outstanding email client that helps you to manage your emails. You can also make categories of your emails with Spark. This is much more important and efficient if you do app development in California. So, when it comes to discovering an email from your inbox, you don’t have to struggle.


The other good thing about Spark is that you can find any email with the smart search feature of Spark. This does not stop here; you can set your priority and enable an option that what email you want to receive. The Spark will push notifications of the emails, which will only matter to you. And this way, you can get rid of spam emails.


Imagine you have a team who works from remote areas and especially in a situation like a lockdown. You need a platform that can make it easier for you to stay in contact with your team and complete your tasks. If you are looking for an easy and efficient app, then Trello is the best option for you. The visual layout helps to understand this app easily. Also, you can manage your remote team very quickly and organize your designs and projects efficiently. And this is one main reason that this is best for use. You can stay in touch with your team but also manage your projects as well.

There are several features of Trello, and the list goes on. You can also make voice and video calls, but you will need support from Slack. Slack is another platform for team management. So, you can utilize Slack with Trello and make a voice and video call. The other functionality of Trello is that you can share any format file. For instance, PDFs, videos, and images with their drag-&-drop feature. The drag-&-drop functionality of Trello makes it more convenient to use. In addition, you can keep track of progress. Thus, you can do collaborate very quickly and effectively with Trello. You can find Trello for Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows.

Final Words

You can utilize these Android Apps to boost your productivity. These apps are some of the easiest and effective apps in the market available. You can do a lot with these apps differently if you are looking for the best productivity Android Apps. Then you can utilize any of them that we shared with you in our blog.