How to make a Portfolio? – Resume writing tips for IT professionals

During Job seeking until unless you have an effective career portfolio it’s not matters how much talented you are. Career portfolio is the only way through which you can interact to the employers. In my view before job seeking know “How to make a Portfolio?”. While creating your Career portfolio keep in memory that someone will closely review it before shortlisted you for an interview. To achieve your dream job effective Career portfolio plays an important role. To make a portfolio there are various factors you needed to consider. To make your journey easier let us bring all those factors here in below.

Optimize your portfolio for Quick Review

Like a letterhead before proceed to create your Career portfolio design the header. In header section include your name & designation in bold or capital letters. Highlight your primary Skills just below the name and designation. This practice helps to saves employer time. I mean if you are a PHP developer and mentioned your primary skills PHP & MySQL at header of the portfolio, during the employer review if they required a PHP developer than immediately he/she can consider your portfolio. After technical skills mention your Contact number and a valid email id. In case the employer want to reach you then this details helps. Additionally at the top right corner of the your portfolio header insert your passport size photo copy.

Make your Career Objective Unique

Objective is the top most part of a Career portfolio. While writing Career Objective it was noticed many IT professional do copy paste from others. This habit creates bad impression in front of the employer. Always try to write your career objective in your own words. Career objective speaks that what you want to achieve in your career. In my thoughts every professional have his or her own Career planning. Express those planning’s in Career objective section in a professional manner.

Highlight your Technical Skills

For an IT professional Technical Skills are like Ornaments. While creating your Career portfolio make sure to highlight your technical skills just after Career Objective. This takes less time of the reviewer to know whether your profile is considered for further review. As you know in IT there are various skills & languages. While mentioning technical skills try to focus in only primary skills. For an example if you are web developer and you know the skills like PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, JS, jQuery, JAVA & ORACLE. Decide first in which area you want to built your career. Then depending on that mention the set of skills. Here if you want to be a PHP developer then mention PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, JS & jQuery. Or else if you want to be a Java developer mention JAVA, ORACLE, HTML, CSS, JS & jQuery. Don’t mix multiple languages in technical skills. This practice creates problem during technical interview.

Present your Experiences

In industry experiences are most valued. I would like to suggest once after technical skills present your valid experiences. While creating experiences for previous employers mention the Company name and number of projects you did during your tenure. For each project to maintain the clarity go for project name, duration of the project, team size & the responsibilities you handled. If there is any link which can shareable mention the link with your project details.

Today many Global corporations doing third party checking about your experiences to know if they are valid or fake. In such case in case it was found you are with invalid experiences. No one can save your job. So before submitting final copy to HR department make sure all the information’s mentioned in your portfolio are valid and genuine.

Educational Qualification

In this block share your educational details correctly. The better way to present educational details is create a table with columns Name of the Degree, Board or University, Year of passing and percentage or grade you secured. Never ever share wrong information in education details. During cross verification wrong educational details create problems.

Personal Details

Personal details are unique for every individuals. Before declaration paragraph create a section for personal details. Here you can mention your full name, name of your parent’s, passport number, pan number, date of birth & contact number.

Give References

To know about your professional journey references helps better. The cause many leading IT companies asking minimum 2 references from your previous employers. While creating profile adding references is optional. But in my view it is wise to add references during profile creation.


In this block declare that whatever the information’s you shared above all are correct best up to your knowledge. At the end of declaration in the right hand side provide your complete signature.

Update File Name

Before sharing your profile to any Consultancy or Corporate HR update the file name to <Your Name>_<Your Contact Number>. This technique helps to identify your portfolio quickly among many and contact number help to reach you easily.