5 Reasons Why Writing is Good for your Mental Health

A lot of us do not make time for writing down anything. We live in a tech world, where our way of communicating is via a mobile phone. Often times, this type of writing is done in short form. This can often diminish our writing capabilities. Young professionals can find that they struggle with business writing. This was not such an epidemic a few decades ago. Once you understand the professional repercussions of not writing enough, it becomes easier to start improving.

Writing can help with more than just your career. Studies have found that writing can actually improve your mental state. Professional writers search for a grammar checker and a sentence rephraser online. This is not the type of writing you need to be doing to become happier. Writing for mental health is all about allowing you to brain dump on paper. We walk around with a lot of thoughts driving us insane. A brain dump simply means to take all of those thoughts and dump it by writing it out. Here is why you should do it.

1. Identifying bad Thoughts

When you are someone who suffers from anxiety and depression, a lot of negative thoughts cross your mind. This is one of the most draining feelings. When you write these feelings down, it is easier to identify the negative ones. Read through these useless thoughts and understand that it is just thoughts.

A lot of the time, these believes are not a reality. It is either something you think might happen or something that has happened. It is not happening at this moment. Just coming to that realization can be freeing. These thoughts are not helping you in any way. Being able to write it down can feel like a release.

2. You become Happier

Writing can make you feel happier. You may not see or feel the benefits right away. With time, writing often can free up space in your mind. You can then decide what you want to fill that space with. We do not always have control over our thoughts, but we can cut it down when we realize it’s happening.

Having this kind of control over your thoughts sounds like a dream to many. Even though you can’t control it, you can take it out of your mind. It is recommended to write 3 pages first thing in the morning. When you accomplish something like this before you even start your day, it can feel wonderful.

3. Thought Patterns

Is there any particular time of the day that you struggle mentally? This would be a good time to start writing. It may be the last thing you want to do. Don’t rewrite a sentence, but rather let your thoughts flow on paper. After you are done, identify your thought patterns. What stresses you out the most?

It does take time to master, but it is not beyond your capabilities. Look out for where you are in the moment you feel down. What are the circumstances surrounding certain feelings? Does your thoughts even connect with your environment? When you have actual evidence of what is going on in your mind, you can understand these patterns and work at it.

4. Creativity

If you are already doing the brain dump every day, you might discover a love for writing. This is a great time to start some creative work. It gets you out of your head and allows you to do something productive.

Find a plagiarism checker google and post some of your work online. Writing can be relaxing and challenging at the same time. Keeping yourself busy with writing can bring up some creativity you did not know existed within your brain.

5. Discipline

When you commit to writing daily, you are committing to a process. People with mental health issues can spend hours thinking about the negative. Having this discipline to write daily is going to help you beat those thoughts. It’s like meditating. Just a few minutes of doing something outside of your negative thoughts can be a relief.

Understand that feelings and emotions can shift. Creating good habits will assist you in feeling happier. The challenge with mental health is that we can feel hopeless. Having the ability to be disciplined can help eliminate this feeling. Success does not happen overnight, but you will get there with determination and willpower.


Mental health is an issue that is rarely talked about. A lot of people suffer in silence. If you are not ready to speak to anyone about this, writing can be very helpful. Some people need medication to keep their mental health issues under control. If you are suffering with a mental disorder, please speak to your doctor. There are no easy fixes, but these tips will help you manage it better. Daily practice will help you stay on course. Expressing emotions on paper eliminates the power it has over you. This puts you back in control of your emotions. One day at a time will win the race.