How to write a Catchy Slogan? – Slogan Examples

How to write a Catchy Slogan? - Slogan Examples

Slogan is a piece of short but meaningful statement meant to make some cause or product popular. Its sole aim is to make propaganda or advertisement about something. Slogan should be brief, catchy, rhyming or rhythmic as well as appealing. The slogan must produce a complete meaning and must be written in capital letter clearly and distinctly.

How to write a Catchy Slogan?

  • Read the passage well before plan a Slogan. Know the theme of the topic. Think wide with various options.
  • Always prefer Capital letters while writing a Slogan.
  • In case you are generating a slogan for any product base company. Try to highlight their primary feature in Slogan.
  • Make Sure your Slogan is motivate.
  • While using words in a Slogan. Take the words which are easy to pronounce and remember.

Slogan Examples

1. Banish Illiteracy for a bright tomorrow.
each one, teach one.

2. Plant tree, save life
Plant tree green the map.
Plant tree. Keep your city clean and green.

3. Know aids, No aids.

4. Welcome to Odisha : The paradise or nature.
Visit to Odisha : The land or beauty and Joy.
Welcome to Odisha : The emarld of the east.

5. Yoga : The simple way to healthy life.

6. Animals are our friends, let’s love them.

7. Pollute and perish, Conserve and flourish.

Question for practice

1. Write a slogan in about 10 words concerning the importance of planting trees.

2. Write a slogan, in about 8 words, for a campaign against smoking cigarettes.

3. Your college is organizing a meeting to celebrate Road Safety Week. Write a slogan in about 8-10 words to be displayed in a banner at the venue of the meeting.

4. Write a slogan, in about 10 words to popularize a Yoga Club which some students of your college want to set up.

5. Write a slogan, in about 10 words, for an NGO that wants to promote Ayurveda in Orissa.

6. A group of people interested in promoting vegetarianism has approached you to write a slogan for them, to be displayed on banners and stickers. Write an appropriate slogan in not more than 10 words.

7. Write a slogan to preserve water resource.

8. Draft a slogan to encourage the youth to donate blood.

9. You happen to be a member of an organization working against cruelty to animals. Write a slogan to promote the activities of the organization.

10. Draft a slogan to keep your city clean and green.