A Guide on Data Scientists Career – Certifications, Skills and Salary

Data science is mainly an extensive study of a vast amount of data. Aspiring Data scientists use advanced tools such as machine learning, and AI to find out specific patterns and derive meaningful information from the given data. Data scientists are a very crucial part of Information technology who help analyze data to make informed business decisions and develop strategic plans.

It is one of the most lucrative careers that brings several opportunities and promises higher payouts. However, in this article, we will delve deeper to learn more about the roles of Data Scientists, Data Science courses, salary, etc. We will also disclose the mandated skills that you must acquire to become a Data Scientist.

An Introduction to Data Scientists

The primary role of a Data Scientist is to apply data to illustrate and understand the entire situation of an organization and help them make decisions. These professionals combine multi-disciplinary skills and knowledge to power social media, solve companies’ challenges, and forecast market conditions.

So, they are basically a blend of mathematicians, computer scientists, and market predictors. As per the survey of 365 Data Science, the Data Scientists’ employment rate is predicted to grow by 36% from the year 2021 to 2031.

What are the primary Roles and Responsibilities of a Data Scientist?

The most significant role of a Data Scientist is to collect, analyze, and then extract meanings of unstructured and structured data. Therefore, the Data Scientists job is available in all sectors who want to leverage the power of data science to grow their business. They generally use their vast to offer valuable insights to assist organizations in making business decisions.

Here is a list of duties that Data Scientists have to do:

  • Increase uniformity, reliability, and accuracy of raw data
  • Defining important and relevant datasets and gathering them from different sources
  • Examine all the data to find out repetitive trends and patterns
  • Process, classify, store, and handle different kinds of data
  • Presenting data in visual form for a better understanding
  • Selecting a perfect analysis model, technique, and algorithm to solve problems and predict the market future is another part of a Data scientist job.
  • Searching for data-backed strategies to enhance the level of personalization, efficiency, optimization, and decision-making abilities.
  • Know about better solutions and prepare reports with the gathered reports.

Required Skills for Data Scientists

There are multiple statistical and professional skills that Data Scientists hold. A few of them are listed below:

  • Good grasp of programming languages such as Hadoop, Python, SAS, and SQL.
  • Analytical skills and in-depth machine learning knowledge.
  • Excellent command over visualization and data reporting.
  • Expertise in written and verbal language communication skills
  • Ability to establish an algorithm to store and excavate data
  • Knowledge in API Integration and Cloud computing

How much is Data Scientist’s Salary?

The salary of Data Scientists depends on their data analytics skillset, expertise, location, and education qualification. Several fields, such as IT, Healthcare, Digital Economy, manufacturing industry, etc., require Data Science professionals. Whether you want to become a Data Analyst, Software Developer, Database Administrator, or Business Analyst, Data Science should be your ideal career option.

As per the report of Glassdoor, the basic salary of Data Scientists begins from $90,108 per annum in the US. But, depending on the experience and additional skills, the salary can go higher. Apart from this, it hugely depends on the location of the Data Scientists as well. An online Data Scientist’s salary can go from $25,925 to $48,394.

Best Courses for Data Science

As we live in a digital world where people lean towards technology, the demand for Data Scientists is continuously increasing. With time, the bulk of data is constantly generated, evaluated, and processed, eventually elevating the requirements of Data Scientists in each industry.

As per the report by IBM, the demand for Data Scientists will grow by almost 28% by the end of 2023. Nowadays, many giant companies have become the top recruiters of Data Scientists. Therefore, the best Data Science courses will help you grow and offer a better career option. A few of the popular data science courses are:

  • Certified Data Science Professional (CDSP™) – USDSI®
  • Professional Certification Course in Data Science – Harvard University
  • Data Science Master’s Course Online from John Hopkins University
  • Data Science Master Degree from UC Berkeley
  • Exploratory Data Analysis and Visualization Course (UCLA)


Data Scientists play a significant role in handling all the data-related work at an organization. Due to the constant rise of technology and data, companies look forward to offering vacancies for Data Scientists posts. So, if you are an aspiring Data Scientist, you must gain knowledge, expertise, and skills to get a lucrative Data Scientist job with a handsome payout.