Career Options by doing Fashion Business Course in Mumbai

With pandemic induced scenario leading to continuous evolving market situations, it makes sense to sign up for a career in fashion business that is not only updated to sync with current business realities but also amalgamates fashion, creative designing and business to give students an edge in constantly altering business landscape.

With experiential learning as a focus, career in fashion business not only introduces the students to diverse and evolving customer preferences and fashion/luxury trend forecasting but they are also exposed to business aspects ranging from supply chain management to manufacturing, marketing to scouring for new markets, online businesses to building brands and last but not the least and investor.

Career Options in Fashion Business Course

Merchandising – Fashion Merchandising involves planning and promoting sales by identifying the right product mix at the appropriate time for the right target audience through proper impactful advertising, using attractive displays etc. This profile not only requires well developed quantitative skills but also an ability to identify trends, relationship between sales and stock figures. There are visual merchandisers and fashion merchandisers.

Marketing/Brand Management – Understanding the customer and developing the appropriate online and offline marketing strategies, oversee advertising communications and other initiatives to drive sales by position your brand distinct from competition.

Public Relations – Involves working with fashion magazines, fashion bloggers, fashion editors for building positive brand reputation. Entails usually networking with celebrities, models and other public figures who can elevate your brand.

Buying – Buyers keep an eye on the latest trends vis-e-vis fashion, materials being used and customer habits. They’re required to travel to production facilities, attend trade fairs, fashion shows, meeting designers worldwide to find products that can be sold at their stores basis the emerging trend. They are also responsible to negotiate contracts, pricing, quality and deliveries with suppliers.

Sourcing/Procurement – Usually working in manufacturing, sourcing managers are not only responsible for sourcing items like fabrics, raw materials, accessories, zippers etc. but also for maintaining cost effectiveness, quality and production schedule.

Exports – Indian Readymade garment export stood at US$ 9.50 billion from April 2020 to January 2021 and for the month of January 2021 it was US$ 1.30 billion. Thus, immense export related job opportunities exist in fashion industry.

Stylist – To help the client look their best or to showcase particular fashion clothing, Fashion stylists is required. They are especially needed during photo & advertising shoots, television and film productions or during appearances made by public figures.

Fashion Consultant – He utilizes his great fashion sense to advice businesses about kind of colours or patterns or designs that can bring major difference in the look of the product. Thus, increased consumer affinity means increased sales.

Retail Manager – Retail managers are entrusted with a task to run stores, manage retail staff, stock, budgeting & planning promotional activities to not only ensure customer delight, but also to maximize profits.

Fashion Journalist/Editors – He is responsible for creating a tone for magazine-layout design, content, writing blogs, ecommerce websites, budgeting, hiring, managing staff etc. He is also involved with trade publications, attending and covering industry events, fashion shows & organizing fashion shoots for magazines.

Production Management – He usually manages a specific product or product line and is involved with product development- from its conception to final release; strategize not only basis commercial trends but also basis consumer feedback to ensure profitability. He makes sure that the developed product and its fashion sensibilities are in sync with company’s overall vision.