How to prepare for Exams? – Study tips for Exams Success

Exam is a way to judge us. In a Student Career 3 types of exam appears quarterly (in 3 months), halfly (in 6 months) & yearly. Compare to yearly exam quarterly & halfly exam required less attention. You can say these exams are internal exams. These exams helps to prepare better. Yearly exam is also called Final exam. Depending upon the final exam Score educational institute decides whether the Student is fail or pass.

In Career feeling jealous is a good habit. You must noticed while your friend scored more than you internally you feel jealous. When someone question you “Why you secured less scores than your friend?”. In replay generally we say “it’s depends upon Luck, I did my best”. But this is a wrong answer. You didn’t did you bests. There are some tricks using which you can Score better in your exams. Let us share some guidelines about “How to prepare for Exams?”.

Prepare Notes

I know you are getting notes from you Coaching Center. But do you ever thought all the guys sitting around you are with same notes. During the examiner value your exam papers, in the first look he/she will get a bad idea that this is the same copy. So plan something unique. I am not telling don’t refer materials but at least for first 150 words give unique experiences.

Prepare notes in daily basis. During the exam days notes helps better to read. Note save time from unwanted Search.

Refer various authors but write in your language.

While Creating a note refer various authors. Always try to maintain 40:60 ratio in-between material contents and original content. In notes avoid grammatical mistake and spelling mistake. It is wise if you will take the benefits of a Computer. MS-Word is a powerful tool to Create error free notes. While referring various Authors take the key points which are unique from others.

Go for Selected Questions

During exam days it is practically no possible to Cover the Complete Syllabus. Here selected questions gives better result. During you research for selected questions take the help of your faculties. If in exam you have to write answer for 4 subjective questions selected minimum 10 possible questions during preparation.

Resolve past 10 years Question papers

To know question pattern previous years questions are very helpful. Collected past 10 years question papers. Prepare them well. Depending upon the priority choose what are the question you need to prepare for this year exam. Some time it happens that the previous year question get repeated. While preparing previous years question papers prepare subjective as well as objective questions.

Prepare well during Exam days

During exam days preparation helps live. Let’s us assume you have exam on 6th March. The first paper is Mathematics. Then there is consecutive exams for other papers. In this case you will get more time to prepare on mathematics. Get Started on 2nd March. Complete 4 days prepare mathematics. Then depending upon the exam papers prepare your each day.

Give priority to Complex Questions

From the selected questions which one you feel more complex for you, Complete those questions first. If it is complex for you than it is complex for many. There can be a possibility that this question will come on thie year exam.

Take mock Exams

While preparing past 10 years question papers do prepare like exam. Mock exam helps to measure time in exam. In a exam you have limited time. To do better you required to know how to use exam time effectively. Mock interview makes it possible. Do how many mock interview you want to perform. It is good for exam.

Stay Healthy & Happy

Healthy metal health keep us fresh. A happy & fresh Student performs better compare to a sad Student. During your exam days stay away from Stress. If inside family you are getting disturbance you can take a mess or lodge.