What to Do for Valentines Day? – Celebration Ideas

Love makes our life brighter, doesn’t it? Well, most of us are waiting for the upcoming special event called Valentine’s Day. What makes it special actually? It’s the day where lovers may show their emotions. The majority of people around the world may celebrate this day by expressing their feelings to people whom they care the most. Some of us will simply make a romantic dinner for the partner while others give something special such as jewelry, chocolates, and others. Aside from partners, this special day is also important among friends. Now it’s just around the corner. Have we prepared for it? To replay “What to do for Valentines Day?”, I can say when it is about Valentine’s Day, we have the freedom to choose the way we spend the day. Actually, we have 3 options.

A Special Day for You

Even though it sounds sad, enjoying such beautiful day alone isn’t a bad idea. It’s the perfect time to celebrate being single and hot. We can enjoy our quality time to mingle. It’s a wrong assumption if people relate February 14th as the day of lovers. Who says that we need a partner to be able to enjoy it? What are the ideas actually? We can simply treat ourselves to an hour of bubble bath or a spa. Driving around the neighborhood and enjoying the scenery sounds good as well. If we can’t withstand the climate, we can spend watching movies on cable.

Hanging Out with Best Friends

Valentine’s Day doesn’t always represent the lovers’ romance. It’s also the perfect moment to celebrate our beautiful friendships. We will express how valuable our friends are through this day. With them, we can simply throw a party and spend a quality day together. We can also send a card for those who live afar. This special moment can be the right moment to gather some old friends. There are many things we can do with them, after all.

Enjoying a Romantic Date with your Partner

Well, an ideal way to spend a Valentine’s Day is with our partner. We need to set up a romantic day when the day comes. Okay, not all of us are born to be a romantic person. At least, we can gather information how to make a dreamy date with our partner. The primary key is to spend the best quality time just for us and our beloved person. Don’t forget to remove all the potential disturbances including our phone. Visiting the best restaurant in the neighborhood can be a good idea. There are many possibilities actually.

Finding the Best Valentine’s Day Gifts

Talking about a Valentine’s Day, we often see many people buying unique and romantic gifts from the stores. What makes the gifts valuable? Actually, the best ones are those that we don’t buy at the store. Buying flowers, chocolates, and cards are too common. We need to think more about the ideas. We want to express our feelings to those we care the most. Thus, we should give something special too. We only need to listen to our heart. Will he/she like the gift? What about a pet? Not all people love an animal. Unless we make sure our partner wants it, we shouldn’t buy a pup, kitten, or any others.

One thing, a gift doesn’t necessarily physical. We want to give something special, don’t we? We need to make our partner remember it for years to come. The price tag doesn’t represent the value of the gift. We need to find something that makes his/her heart melted. Here’s an example. We can learn how to play guitar or other musical instruments. Once we master it, we can play his/her favorite song when the Valentine’s Day comes. This will make our partner surprised as he/she never knows that we can play any musical instrument. Not to mention this kind of gift will last longer in mind and heart.

How to Make It Special?

Some of us consider spending the upcoming Valentine’s Day by traveling oversea. It will be very romantic if we spend such special day with our partner in some beautiful countries. The only problem is that we need to prepare lots of cash beforehand. Once we don’t have problems with the budget, we can start looking for references. There are many beautiful cities and places around the world. These are for the example:

1. Bali – The Paradise Island

What can be more romantic than turquoise waters, wind sand beaches, and smooth climate? Bali is one of the best destinations when it comes to enjoying Valentine’s Day along with our partner. Not to mention we can visit some temples and beautiful tourism spots including Bedugul, Kuta, and others. The local people are quite nice too.

2. Prague – A Stunning City

If we don’t have much budget, we can simply visit Prague. It’s a lovely city and we can spend a romantic day on beautiful bridges, stunning castles, and many others. Yet, we shouldn’t forget to bring jackets as the temperature of Prague may ruin our romantic date. Overall, this city is quite perfect to take pictures with our partner.

3. Venice and Paris

Both Venice and Paris are also the perfect places to enjoy romantic Valentine’s Day with our partner. These cities have no rivals in the term of beauty. This mean we can give the best date for someone we love the most. When visiting the City of Light, we have many places to visit including Eiffel Tower, Seine, Champs-Elysees, and others. Not to mention we can enjoy the best wine there.