Tips to enjoy your day on Dhow Cruise in Dubai Marina

While there are many cult favorite places and activities in Dubai that the visitors as well as people around the world rave about, Dhow cruise dubai is by far one of the most raved about among them all. This is because it is quite a unique experience to tour the beautiful city of Dubai and marvel at its futuristic developments amidst the sparkling water of Dubai.

Let’s introduce you to what a dhow cruise actually is. It is mainly a traditional Arabic boat that has been a part of the local tradition of Arabia for a long time. It was basically used for purpose like fishing, trading and pearl diving.

Presently, much larger and more advanced ships have become available for these purposes which is why these old traditional boat have been converted in to floating restaurants which is pretty cool. So here was a brief introduction to dhow cruise Dubai.

Join the evening cruise for best dinner cruise Dubai

To enjoy the mesmerizing views of Dubai and its developments, join the dhow cruise dinner in the evening because Dubai gets lit in the night with all the special effects of the majestic lighting and techniques. That’s one view you don’t want to miss on.

Get your hands on the dhow cruise deals in Dubai

To save some bucks, try and get your hands on some of the deals for dhow cruise in Dubai marina. These deals could easily be found on some of the trusted travel and tourism websites like or

Dubai is one of the best places where many deals and discounts are offered by various travel agents and websites around the globe so this is a good place if you want to save some bucks but want to experience Dubai in all its glory.

Keep up with the Dress Code

Since Dubai is part of an Islamic country, travelers must respect that and take care that they follow the appropriate dress code.

This means that for men, it is advised that you wear full pants with shirt or t-shirt and women are advised to stay in modest clothing. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you should go full ham with the burqas and abayas, but avoid wearing skirts and sleeveless tops. Rather try to show less skin.

These instructions should specially be taken into account while visiting dhow cruise as it part of the Arabian culture.

Visit the spice souk

Dubai is known for its gold and spices souk which have been a part of Arabic tradition in the past. Tourists are taken to the Spice souk where they get to explore the bazar and even buy various authentic spices for the purpose of cooking at home. These spices are stored in hygienic order and have amazing fragrances.

Marvel at the architectural landscapes of Dubai

This tour is not only great for enjoying the dhow itself but also offers incredible views to the tourists. Tourists get the opportunity to see Palm Jumeirah as well as other landmarks of Dubai including the attractive skyline of Dubai located on Sheikh Zayed Road, also known to be the Downtown of Dubai.

This is one of the best ways to briefly observe the city in a short amount of time and get a general perspective of the glamorous Dubai city.

So here were some of our tips and places to visit from Dhow cruise to fulfill your desire and satisfy your evening and make it worth the bucks you pay.