A Guide to Customize Badge Buddies for your Staffs

The inclusion of your company’s logo or other eye-catching graphics makes your card accessory special and helps differentiate it from the crowd. Badge Buddies are a convenient and straightforward way to make these things happen. You can mount a badge buddy with a strap clip to the original badge or card for a complete ID solution. It may, in certain situations, be applied to existing ID credentials to fulfill government authentication criteria. Here are some tips to help you customize badges in the right way.


A badge is an identification card that aims to make people immediately recognizable to others. Large companies with many employees use Badges during events (Large Meetings, Fairs, Conferences). Typically, badges are made of plastic or PVC, but you can also create simple plasticized sheets of paper inserted in unique badge holders if you want.

Both plastic badges and paper badges have this data:

  • Photo of Recognition
  • Company Name or Event Name
  • Card Number

In the case of a company badge, the profession or office number is usually also present.

There are also magnetic badges, in which you can also save data, for example, the money you use to pay for dinner at a restaurant.

1. Select an Attractive Color

You can match the job names with a specific color using the color strip. Leading dealers offer dazzling colors that you can see you can see even from a distance. For each profile, you may set the color, including administrators. E.g., blue is better for professional nurse badges.

2. Visible Staff Title Printing

In general, the medical facility has employees with titles such as a surgeon, assistant, nurse, and pulmonary therapist, to name just a few. You can reduce the time needed to classify eligible professionals with visible titles on the badges. It improves the response time of your staff to meet the needs of your patients.

For example, an assistant in pathology can have a badge buddy with the title within a border with teal color. Top outlets provide custom and blank badges to tailor the job title and display how you like the employees on both sides.

3. Right Insert Size

For your badge buddy, the insert size you pick should be the proper size, meaning it falls into your pre-existing ID structure. Named dealers usually offer choices such as a horizontal orientation insert scale of 3 to 4 inches. At the exact moment, for vertical options, they provide 2 and 3 inches. These fit well for standard dimensions of ID cards.

4. High Rigidity

Your medical personnel will require badge buddies with enhanced sturdiness because of their work profile. Leading advertisers in this sector are selling solutions that are entirely coated in Teslin. The best thing is that, although the crucial posts receive these extremely rigid badges, you can also offer them to technicians only managing ultrasound and medical reports.

5. Robust Material

Your employees may work in a stressful atmosphere in some situations. For the badge buddy, it is better to choose a rigid material that will not wither under humidity or easy scratching to keep it perfect under all working conditions. Plastic, vinyl, and Tyvek fabrics are sold by leading online stores; it helps to make it water-resistant, challenging to break, and ready for long-term usage in harsh circumstances.

Some Bonus Tips

Here are a few more things you should consider before you move ahead to customize badge buddies.

Details You Can Include

In the workplace, employee badges are essential to identify the personnel working within a company quickly. You can customize the company’s details, and it is possible to print various personal data on it: For example;

  • Photo
  • First Name
  • Surname
  • Task
  • Departments
  • Headquarters

The simple fact of wearing the badge allows the employee to prove their identity at any time and wherever they are within the company.

Add Other Services to your Employee Badges

Increase the convenience of your employees access badges by adding additional services, including:

  • Contactless Payment at Vending Machines or Bars
  • Access to Printers, Copiers and other Devices

Include Access to Different Areas

A badge can provide access to different areas of the company by automatically discriminating the different staff levels, for example:

  • Specific Infrastructures
  • IT Network
  • Company Canteen
  • Rooms Reserved for Employees
  • Rooms Reserved for the Administration

Final Words

Enroll a reliable supplier to place bulk purchase orders for top-quality pieces that complement your establishment’s purpose and vision. While encouraging your workers to display their work title confidently, you should leverage a badge buddy’s power to include vital identity details at a glance.

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