Tiny or Downsizing 6 Clever Ways to Organize Living Space

Downsizing is popular. Some people are even going tiny. Although living in a home that is one size too small comes with many advantages, it can be frustrating as well. Whether you are downsizing by choice or you are already stuck in a hopeless situation, these tips are essential to surviving in a small home.

Coordinate your Closet

Lay your clothes out so that you can take a good look at what you own. Use organizers and closet systems. Purchase baskets for small items such as socks, ties or undergarments. Hang your purses or shoes on the inside of the closet door. There are even hanging organizers available for your jewelry. Once your clothing is visible, it will make it much easier to decide on what to wear in the morning. It is also important to lift things off of the closet floor. Instead of scattering your shoes underneath, put in bins or cube units for extra storage.

Think Outside of the Box

A certain room or nook in your house does not always have to be used as what it was originally meant to be. Using simple tricks, you can visually divide an open space to accommodate your families’ needs. For example, a living room can be organized so that there is not only a sitting area, but a play area for children too. By putting in a desk and office board the corner of your living room will become a home-office space where you can get some work done. If it makes sense to swap rooms due to their size, go for it.


The furniture that you own, its’ size, weight, color and position can make a world of a difference. Think about getting some custom pieces made such as cabinates, dressers or shelving. Custom furniture is more expensive, but considering the time you will spend finding the right peice and the space that you will save, it may be worth it. Do not bring any oversized furniture into your small home.

Double Duty

A good idea is to bring in items that are designed to fill two functions. For example, you can have an ottoman or a breakfast nook that can be opened to give you extra storage. Another great idea is an armoirs that can be converted into a TV stand or desk which you can close if it is not being used. Mirrors add light and depth to a small space, and can easily be hung on the back of doors, or even on the front of cabinates.

Don’t Duplicate

Never ever bring in items that can do similar jobs. This is especially common with small appliances. Take mixers for instance. Hand mixers, stand mixers, blenders, etc., they all basically do the same job and you probably only need one. You must be disciplined. Everything that you own must have a specific purpose.

Out Of Sight

Of course, It goes without saying that you should throw away or donate anything that is not fit to be used. But what about the things that you cannot part with? Although most articles about small living will encourage purging, there are other great storage solutions. Putting your belongings in a unit, especially if your small living space is only temporary, is the alternative to getting rid of everything that cannot fit in your home at the moment.

In conclusion, the key to small living is organization. Make the most of every nook and cranny. You most likely will not use what you cannot see. And if you don’t use it, its just obsolete junk taking up precious space.

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