The types of information Products and their Purpose

There are several types of information products – formats in which they will be represented better.


According to statistics, this species is the most popular and in demand today. Here, I believe, there is nothing to explain since everyone understands what a PDF book is. You can also convert PDF book to Doc and place an announcement on a book in the Doc format on the pages as a viral advertisement in the social web, for example. In most cases, an e-book is used for free distribution and exchange for contact details. But just do not forget that a quality e-book is also possible to sell. Two options will be popular, both PDF and Doc, so after you notice the popularity of the book, use the online converter and convert it from PDF to Doc – this will double the audience. Usually, the books are superficially told about what needs to be done in order to achieve this or that result without details.


This species is rapidly gaining momentum recently strangely enough. This is from one till three pages in A4 format, on which there is a list containing a number of necessary steps for the performance of any particular action. For example, how to create a site: 1 step, 2 step, 3 step and further. Checklists serve to dial the subscription base and the first contact with the reader, that is, for distribution in exchange for contact information. The format of the checklist does not allow you to convert it from PDF to Doc and post it as an announcement. Of course, you can convert from PDF to Doc, but the formatting will shift and the check-list will not have such an attractive appearance and will look like plain text.


Cool species, which is gaining popularity. A great plus of webinars is that you can first hold it once and then distribute it as many times as possible free of charge or even sell the record for a subscription. In my opinion, webinars and video courses are heavy files.


A line of webinars lasting two or more days, the main task of which is to lead a person to the result! As well as webinars, training records can be distributed and sold in the future as many times as necessary until the actuality of the information is lost. This kind of information products is the most reasonable to sell!

Auxiliary Products

These are various goods that do not apply to all of the above. For example, scripts, templates, modules, programs, etc. These auxiliary products are also represented in the PDF format and they can not be convert from PDF to Word. It’s for the best – not all of the PDFs can be copied, but it will come in handy for your own unique projects.