Interface friendly 5 Offline Media Players for Android users

Today ins the world of online streaming. Be it music or movies, people love watching them on the internet. But still, there are majority of people who prefer downloading the content in their phones and view them whenever they want. Such is the case with movies as well. Even though a lot of apps are there, like Netflix and Amazon Prime, that offer variety of movies with minimum usage of internet, people still go with movies and videos downloaded at their phones. But even this has their own advantages. There are many short videos that people like to watch regularly and share with their friends and family. In such cases, one needs to have a downloaded video. So, be it movies or short videos, here we will tell you 5 such amazing media players which will enable you to watch them in your android devices.

Now, you might ask why you need to see other apps when you already have default media player in your phones. Absolutely correct! The default player is really helpful. But that is not sufficient. There are many formats of videos that are coming out these days. The default players in any android, windows or iOS phones do not support all these formats. And many a times, people do not find the interface friendly enough.

Although, Online streaming apps have overtaken a lot of media players. But still if you want to listen to some Bollywood song videos without Internet, then you have no choice but to download them and have a media player ready to play them effortlessly. If you wish to try them out, try BestoftheYear‘s top Bollywood songs best videos.

So, below are the best media players available across all phones that will play most of the formats available today, and will also give you a user friendly and better experience.

1. VLC Player

This is the most common applications used in laptops. But this is also a very convenient and widely used app for the Android phones. This comes absolutely free and supports all the video formats as well as subtitle formats. One added advantage of this player is that you won’t have ot worry about clicking back button by mistake. You can keep your phone locked while you are watching any video using this app.

2. MoboPlayer

Now using this app, you can play online and offline videos both. So far, this is one of the best applications people prefer to use. The user interface is very friendly and it supports all the video formats as well. And not just that, unlike YouTube or any other player, here you can even minimize the window and do some other work side by side while watching your videos.

3. MX Player

So far, this is the best media player application. This app supports dozens of formats, but not all. And the best part is, that you can download plugin for any format that is not supported, using this app itself. Hence, it is a holistic app supporting all the formats available out there. It also has a Zoom In and Zoom Out feature unlike many other apps.

4. Feather

This is another common and widely used applications. The plus points of this app is that you can create your own video playlist just like Music Streaming applications. And if you have a collection of many short funny videos, then this is the best app. It plays your videos back to back on a loop.

5. BS Player

The difference between BS Player and other media players stated above, is that you can control this app using your hand gestures itself. It does not use much battery and also has a great user interface. This app also has an addition feature where it self downloads the subtitles to the movie you are watching.

These are the top 5 apps that are being used all across the world. Check these apps as to which suits you best according to your needs and user interface. And finally, keep the best and enjoy the viewing experience.